Reasons not to buy the expansion (2 Hours)

list some reasons for me to not buy the expansion, go go go

Because you have a bunch of gold already. You will just be wasting money while not really getting many cards out of it.


It would perhaps give you more joy to donate that amount of money to charity?
Or I know some girls named “Charitee” that would also happily take that money of you for a good fun time


Because for $49, you can get…Stardew Valley + Ori and the Blind Forest + Life is Strange + Journey + The Settlers 7…and still have money left over.


Stardew valley is worth 100 its so good. where is stardew 2. I want it.

Because I paid 80$ for 3 legendaries when I could have gotten like 8 copies of terraria for the same amount of money.


I didn’t buy it, feels good.

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I think the portrait is pretty bad

Diminishing returns from packs should be around 90 (with epic triple protection you will get better epic pulls now) so if you have the gold for that there really is no reason to get more.

i think you should read the forums code of conduct, advertising for Any non-beneficial, related businesses, organizations, or websites is against CoC :slight_smile:


Log in at the next expansion and get a deck that will likely be worth more than what you’ll get from random packs bought this expansion.

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only if you are a new or returning player

Next expansion is in December, aka 120 days/4 months.

Cause you will hate yourself after doing it

In 15 packages I got 3 legendary.

Because you are a teenager and your family does not want you to leave home in a time of crisis;)

you will hate yourself if you don’t

What are you going to do with 8 copies of terraria?

…have a LAN party?

Pfft lan party? What is this, the 90s?

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