Rattlegore bug when resummoned

Hi I hit rattlegore with righteous defense when 8/8 making it a 1/1.

Card says “Deathrattle, resummon this minion with -1/-1”

My maths isn’t great but I’m pretty sure 1-1=0 not 7.

And yes I lost my heroic duel game.

The text on Rattlegore is an oversimplification of what the deathrattle actually does. Each Rattlegore is resummoned with -1/-1 what the previous Rattlegore’s base stats was. Setting Rattlegore’s stats to a lower or higher value will not affect the next one to be summoned.

So you’re expecting the -1/-1 to apply to the stats it had when it died? That’s silly.

If it did work that way, what would happen in some other scenario, say if I attacked Rattlegore with minion big enough to kill it, or if I dealt 9 damage with a spell?

Rattlegore would go to 0 health, die, then be resummoned with -1 health and immediately die again…

Obviously the ability doesn’t work that way.

The -1/-1 applies to the original stats it had when it was summoned.

What you all say makes sense but I think the text doesn’t clearly describe the cards ability.

Deathrattle, resummon rattlegore with -1/-1 from the last Deathrattle

This would clear it up

Hearthstone prides itself in having extremely brief and efficient wording. Your proposed text would actually be far more confusing than what it is now. You play the card once, you see the effect once, and from then on you forever know what it does.

On top of that there’s a general understanding to how base mechanics of the game works, to the point at which moderately veteran players would understand what most any text description would mean. That’s why the efficient descriptions work.

No it wouldn’t.

One obvious problem is that the first time it dies, there isn’t a previous deathrattle.

Also, I don’t see how adding “… from the last deathrattle” is meaningfully different from the text it already has.

So if there had not been any deathrattle previously to this one, nothing happens? No pre-existing deathrattles prior to Rattlegore’s first time dying would result in no re-summon according to your wording. That doesnt even consider if the last deathrattle occurred before Rattlegore was on the board yet, meaning it would just poof into the nether as it didnt exist yet.

Your suggestion just doesnt do what you think you want it to do. I know this game has a lot of homework to understand it and it’s mostly subtle rules and way things work and since the game itself doesnt have anything such as an extensive glossary and or rulebook or even a link in game to find such things online. This game requires an obscene over abundance of alt tabbing to google to comprehend a lot of it, so much so a lot of the time Im not even full screen anymore. lol