Rated duel bug - Heropower pick

Picked the 10 epic rewards heropower, 3 times on 3 different classes. Got it in the first screen, built my deck and started the run. First game I got another heropower than i picked. Happend all 3 times. Got an awesome respons from the GM stating that this is not a known bug and nothing shows that this happend. Excellent use of 450 gold! :slight_smile:


Same issue here. I´ll wrote the technical support to get my 450 gold back. I tried it with 3 classes and had the same bug like you.

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Same bug for me. Got a ticket up aswell.

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Yes same thing here. 3 different games, three different characters. Picked a hero power, built a deck, got in game and the deck was worthless. Thought it was me at first. Glad to hear it’s a bug and not me. Hopefully they are cool and give us a refund of gold/tavern pass. Thanks!

Sorry to hear other people also have the issue. After 2 tickets i got neither acknowledgement of the issue or compensation even with screenshots sent so I doubt Blizzard cares.

When did you all experience this issue? It should have been fixed a bit less than two days ago (Wednesday lat afternoon), and compensation is coming:

If you experienced this issue after the patch was applied, so, yesterday or today, it would be very interesting to know, and please specify as much as possible regarding which hero and hero power you had chosen.

Great respons, thank you for this. I tried with hunter and demonhunter, not sure about my 3rd pick. It was on wednesday.

A bit weird that I did not get this info from two different tickets and instead got told that nothing was known about this. ( Got the 1st reply thursday and 2nd today)

I bet the idiots didn’t apply the update that the hero powers should be available with 5 darkmoon epics not 10. So the lazys just made it so it looked like they were unlocked and then once you go further it goes “nope sorry locked” from not having the 10 epics. Seriously retarded programmers.

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