Rank question for a new player


Hi. Right now i am leveling my classes in rank. Got a 12 mage and 10 hunter. I also got my chest ready for the end of season awards.

I don’t usually spam rank as i do quests every 3 days and farm exp.

MY question was - after the august season ends do i go back to rank 50 ? Or is it permanent upranks until rank 20 ?

Right now i am 48 dream mushroom. Not sure if i should keep going or slow down my pace.

I have 4 uldum packs saved. At 10 packs I’ll open them for a legendary.

Any ways i am just ranting. Ye that is all i wanted to know. Thanks.


You are fine to keep ranking up from Rank 50 to 25. When season ends you won’t lose stars.


Welcome to the game Anthony :slight_smile: I hope you’re enjoying it. So the ranks 50-26 are for new players to the ranked system and your rank won’t ever go backwards. Once you get to rank 25 that’s it! that’s as far back as you’ll ever go and you’re officially in the regular ranked system. Every season the ladder resets and players go back 4 ranks. So if you end the season on rank 15 you then will start the next season at rank 19. I Hope this helped GLHF


No need to save them (unless you WANT to of course).
The game keeps track of how many packs you opened in each expansion. So even if you open each pack when you receive it, you are still guaranteed at least one legendary in the first 10 packs of the expansion.

(After that first one the chance is reduced to 5% per pack and at least 1 in 40 packs, but I guess you know that already)


Thanks all. Very good answers. Much appreciated.

Alright i will keep playing and opening packs. Thanks all. Much love.