Ragnaros Task 10 bugged

does not track combo damage even though I’ve triggered that many times. And again Vanessa burgle barrage (steal attack ability) never registers combo stealing attack whether its equipped or triggered by a fast merc.


I second this. I have had Ragnaros’ Magma Blast ability do Fire Combo damage many times and it is not registering any of the combo portion of the damage for his Task 10.

I created a new group that included Ragnaros and Scabbs Cutterbane, and Scabbs’ Tactical Strike (regular-type) Combo damage was not counting towards Ragnaros’ Task 10 either. Stuck at 0/15 “combo damage”.

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Perhaps writing here will help. I have also submitted a bug on this. I have been playing for years and know of all the ways these tasks have been weird in the past. I have tried everything I can think of. Making sure it is the base damage of the combo ability unbuffed, trying not to let the minion that I had a combo on die, even tried other combos from shadow and Scabbs. I saw a reddit post that suggested using a combo with living bomb from Geddon and Alexstrasza or Geddon and Rag combo, nothing. I have also witnessed the lack of the stealing attack from Vanessa combo. Though that is bad, the fact that you can’t level past 10 with Ragnaros who is huge in fire teams and the new Mythic Boss Rush makes this a very high priority bug in my opinion. I know you are quitting on the Mercenaries but please fix this bug for those trying to play Mythic Boss Rush for these first couple weeks.


Made a post on this, not working in any sense as mentioned above

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I am right now on TASK 10 for Ragnaros where you have to do: “Deal 15 Combo damage.”
This task is currently bugged and combo damage is not counting towards progression. I have tried few mercs with combo abilities that deal damage. Scabbs, Tyrael, Ragnaros combo abilities that deal extra dmg does not count towards Ragnaros task progression.

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Just noting that based on bugs experienced with other mercenaries, I have removed all of Rags’ equipment - and still no combo damage recorded.

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All of this.

  • removed equipment
  • swapped equipment in and out
  • removed equipment from *all party members
  • tried the living bomb
  • on the theory that it must be *exactly 15 combo (and my raags is too big), pulled in other mercs for the combo (Guff bramble @ 15, etc.)

Concur with the poster who suggested that since this error prevents progression for the merc, it ought to prioritized.