Rage Friend Adding Intentional Blizzard Bug

There is a bug that when I go to add a friend after a match it disconnects me from the server and reconnects me.

This eliminates the ability to add the last opponent played. (they disappear from the list when you reconnect)

I beleive this is intentional to prevent the “rage friend requests” and subsequent trash talking. (via. some AI or algorithm)

It only happens when I get completely destroyed and rage quit/concede.

There is no way this isn’t intentional by Blizzard to protect the other player from being griefed.

(heres where you all focus on why I want to tell off my last opponent and ignore the “bug” I am highlighting. Make it all about me so you can white knight for Blizzard)

Just curious if anyone else has noticed this pattern.

It’s almost as if you wanted to report a bug you would post on the bug report section.
Whereas if you wanted to incite with an obvious controversial subject about griefing you would post here…


The bug forum is a joke filled with trolls who tell you “why did you ask such a dumb question” or “working as intended scrub” or “not a bug you loser, go away”

I posted it here to see if anyone else experienced constant disconnects when trying to add friends.

And it doesn’t matter what I write or how I phrase it, people will always turn it into an argument so why should I attempt to hide the controversial aspects of my questions?

Its a yes or no question when you ignore your feelings.

Constant disconnects is feature of Hearthstone added a couple of years ago.


i don’t rage add-to-friends when i lose so i’m not sure.

But i will say, it’s okay to lose. Getting mad over a game is a waste of energy imo.

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If I got mad every time I lost I would never be happy, lol.

I get it.

Maybe I just notice these disconnects more often than most because I add friends a lot.

Maybe next match, concede early and immediately try and add friend.

I’d be curious if you get disconnected.


I honestly think it’s a bug. Yesterday someone requested to add me as a friend. I tried to click accept and it wouldn’t go through. I clicked it a good 20 times and nothing. Finally, I clicked decline and that immediately went through. I was sad, I wanted to see what they had to say - good or bad.


Glad you brought that up.

There have been times when I wanted to ask for the deck code and it just kicked me out of the game and reconnected and then you have no record of who it was.

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Right, this is another reason why I run deck tracker. I can find out who I played and add them that way.


I believe it’s a good bug and it shouldn’t be fixed.

i think not sir, while some of what is said may come across as rude, we are only trying to help gather evidence of bugs

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Soo, working as intended (scrub)? :rofl:


i seriously doubt you posted this on the buf forum and were told its intended…

Randomness is menacing. What can be more easily attributed to demonstrable incompetence is instead attributed to maliciousness.

you probally got silenced cause you raged at people and you got reported, pretty sure when you try add people when silenced it will kick you off

I think it is possible to be disconnected from parts of the blizzard service while still be connected to the active match. After the game is over your client requires you to login again and does so by closing the client.

I don’t think reporting is doing anything other than gathering data.

Friend requests that don’t go through on the recipient end were probably cancelled by the sender, and do not get removed from the receipient in a timely manner.

I’ve never had this problem. The problem I run into is that the players I add do not add me. This is unfortunate because I only add players to congratulate and/or ask about their deck.


The friend request system has seemed a little glitchy. I’ve had a couple attempts to add maybe not go through. Obviously I don’t know if people just didn’t accept, but they weren’t the type of games people get upset about (e.g. low ranks, both people playing homebrews).

And yes, I get briefly disconnected a lot, especially after a match ends if I’m on mobile and switched between towers or something.

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Same thing has happened. The solution I found is that you likely have too many pending friend requests. Delete the pending ones and it you can add and rage away. The disconnects stopped happening after that.