Quests wont progress (EU)

All daily quests wont progress from brawl or standard duel.


Same here on EU. Thought it might be mobile connection issue so we both restarted Hearthstone. Played 2 games in standard challenge and neither of us had any quest progress.

Both updated to 18.6.63160

Edit: Only the 60 gold quest of Play 3 games as [x, y or z} is progressing.

happened to me while playing my wife in USA, neither of us were able to progress our quests

Same for me in NA server.

Class quests seems to be fine. I have 2 other quests that wont progress namely:

The Meek Shall Inherit
~play 25 cards that cost 3 or less.

Empty Handed
~play 30 cards.

24 Oct update: still same problem on my alt acct. Draw and play cards type quests cant complete.

I got “Rogue, Druid, and Hunter” to advance but not “Empty Handed”, I really hope this is a bug, and not a way to force me to go into play mode instead of completing quest with friends.


Did you try restarting HS?

Same for me, i have a quest in eu that does not progress :frowning:

Same for me.
The 60 gold Quest worked, but all 50 gold Quests didn’t progress at a friend of mine and me.

EU: Same for me. Challenge a friend quest worked, so did one 3-class quest. Another 3-class quest, 65 damage quest and play 30 cards didn’t progress. Occured on 2 accounts and different devices (mobile and PC), restarting Hearthstone didn’t help. Sucks cause i got 3 quests in my quest log.

Same thing happening in the US. Had three quests
Play three games as warlock or two other classes.
Play three games as any class
Draw 30 cards
Warlock quest completed but not the others and I drew more than 30 cards. Now the other quests wont give credit when games are played or cards drawn.

Same here. Doesn’t seem to be quest type related as yesterday one of my quests worked but a similar kind games with 3 different classes quest didn’t. Tested yesterday on PC and today on 2 different accounts (my own and my wife’s) on 2 different phones today.

It appears that the problem only affects trying to complete some quests with a friend. I was able to finish what I had in casual play.

Is a bug or play with friends don’t count anymore for complete quests?. Aparently the developers don’t count this as a official bug, I am really afraid about this. Blizzard please, we need a official answer.

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Update: I can confirm that quests still work in ranked mode. It does not seem intentional since some quest still do work with friends. Since a change like this would most likely be worth some kind of announcement by blizzard, my best guess is that this is a BUG probably caused by changes for the upcoming quest/reward-revamp.

draw and play xxx amount of cards quests works in casual mode too just not with friends. Blizzzzzard doesnt promote playing with friends these days huh?

Definitely a bug. Out of 3 quests, 2 are “play 3 games with [class]” and one is “take x turns”. One of the “play 3 games” quests completes, the other two refuse to.

I have lost count of how many things they have done in their game catalogue to get you to play with friends. I had pretty much stopped playing because I prefer to play with friends to anonymous strangers who can sometimes be toxic. When they allowed us to play with friends AND get quest rewards, my wife and I made it a nightly ritual…and started spending money again!

The money is usually a good motivator for them. Wow greatly rewards you for getting friends to subscribe, for example.

What I can’t understand is, this problem has been going kn for 4 days and has disrupted playing habits of many people and we can’t get even one blue post that says one way or another that this is either a bug they will get to or a policy change they have been reluctant to confirm.

One thing is certain, if they force us to go back to the old ways of no quests with friends, the spending in my part is done. What is the point of buying the product if I can’t enjoy it to its full potential with my wife?


Is solved?? I can finnish trifecta today, and a few days ago we can’t do it :thinking:

same here, my quests are complete 15/10 and I havent recieved my gold yet

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