Question about battlegrounds

So in this video of Kripp : at 17:43 there is a pirate 40/40 in the middle, what’s the name of it and how come I never saw it in my battlegrounds ?

Is this another way of blizzard forcing you to buy the battle pass ? To get minions that others cannot ?

That video is 3 months old. The minion shown in the video is no longer part of the minion pool.

What about 5:24 in this video :

I have never seen Vaelastrazh never, and I have been playing a lot of games lately…This video is 5 days old

The opponent is ETC. The hero power of ETC is to discover a buddy.

Vaelastrasz is a buddy minion of Alexstrasza but since ETC can discover any buddy minion that means he can use this particular minion.

The buddy system is currently not used in this season but ETC has access to them because of his hero power.

actually there is a hidden quest to discover a buddy…It triggers in some circumstances, so I am just asking.

so were is this minion that let’s me choose a quest…i don’t get it why don’t i play the full game unless i pay.

never seen this shady aristocrat minion