Queen Azshara "Ring of Tides" broken, can force disconnects

Tested in multiple games, always with the same outcome. To reproduce:

  1. Play an activated Queen Azshara, choosing to add “Ring of Tides” to your hand.
  2. The first time you play another spell, Ring of Tides will become a copy of that spell.
  3. When you cast another spell after that, the functionality breaks and Ring of Tides will stay on the first spell and will NOT become a copy of any future spells.
  4. With each new spell you cast, the Ring of Tides card will do more and more refresh animations. Once you’ve cast enough spells, the refresh animations on Ring of Tides will repeat so much that it forces a disconnect and ends the game.

(This was on PC.)


I have the same bag.


Same thing happening here, very annoying

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yes can confirm, the card didn’t change after the first time however animation went for every spell that i had cast after getting the ring in hand, also caused disconnect after

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Same thing happening to me, playing a combo deck around the ring so it is really annoying to have that bug going. Please Quick fix Blizzard.


Thats because it is no longer the Ring.
It is a (1) cost copy of the spell you cast.
Its not an ongoing effect.

I have this problem too.
It’s not even the first spell, it’s a completely random one that I’ve played in the same game.
Also, it stacks the animations of the transformation of the spell, so that if you play many spells it starts spamming the animations and takes away your turn time.
Please fix this

I have the same problem, i tried to play combo deck. Blizzard pls fix it quickly

Same problem has happened every single game I’ve played with the ring. Hope they fix this soon!

It is the ring, which is showing you your last spell. It is an ongoing effect. That is how it always was before this. Blizzard has already aknowledged this bug and posted about it in the known issues list.