Problems with decks not syncing

I am having the same problem. It is a very annoying bug and it’s irksome that Blizzard has not commented on it yet.


Same here, cant play mobile cuz my deck here are older than the PC ones, and they dont sync, and while i edit them on android to be the same versions as on my PC, i gets an error and just CANT USE IT

I’m experiencing the same bug. I modified all my decks yesterday after the new mini-set dropped on mobile, and now when I log in on PC none of the changes are there.

It’s definitely on the updated patch as the new Book of Heroes is available.

Same bug on my end. Changed the cards in my best deck on PC, played later on android mobile and still had old list. Changed it further on android mobile and played later on PC, still had old PC list.

Really messes up the deck tracker I’m using.

i have also the synchronizing problem. Also problem starting game seems to bevond more frequent

I’ve managed to get them to add this to the current “known issues” list:

Hope this gets this bug some attention. In the meantime, if you can’t start a match, try to copy the code and recreate the deck.


I can also report that I am having the same issue. I first noticed the issue when creating a deck on mobile, then went to play it on PC and it wouldn’t load (tell me to try again later). When I opened the deck in the collection, I noticed it wasn’t the same on mobile. After saving it on PC, it was able to play the game.
The error will occur whether you try to play the deck in single player (practice mode) or normal ladder play. In single player mode, the error you get is different, and when on mobile, some of the hero portraits turn pink, almost as if there is an invalid memory location being accessed. One time after failing to load into a game, I went and checked the collection, and something there lead me to believe there is a memory leak taking place.

Add: logging out and logging back in on mobile does not fix the problem.

Blizzard staff, please address this.

By now this game has been out for well over 6 years and a majority of my time has been spent on mobile. Get it together and fix the sync issue.

While we’re at it, add a reporting too so we can flag rope burning hero power bots.


This needs to be addressed as I use my PC as my decktracker while playing mobile on observer mode. That in itself can be a challenge especially when I had old computers but this makes it freaking kljsagnognag;kjnbadf Is there any way WE could help you figure out what happened here I see nobody is giving any breaks in this thread - I don’t know what reality they exist in but I guess they are living under a rock somewhere? NOW IS THE TIME TO SUPPORT THESE GUYS/GALS CLEARLY THINGS ARE NOT GOING QUITE AS PLANNED at the company HELLOOOOO why would you make things even harder ???

Quick work around for now is to copy the deck to clipboard, delete the deck, then make a new deck from the clipboard


this will cause it to resume sync?

Same here - any reaction, any solution?

Same problem for me, since the last patch I feel.

Same problem here. I posted on another forum but they said that only here (america) the developers would read and try to help

still happening, are they aware of this bug? For me it happens between 2 pcs

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still happening, whatta worst ppl in dev team now?

Thank you for fixing this. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

Still getting the issue here. Trying to play on PC and Android and the decks are not syncing (although the name of the decks syncs, just not the contents for whatever reason).

Same problem here.
The decks on mobile and on PC are out of sync.

Both devices are logged in the same region (EU) and updated to the last patch.

hello. i just played in an mt qualifier. i registered with the deck on mobile. played with the deck on mobile. i won the game but different cards existed inside it and i got penalized for it.

when i tried to explain to admin. he told me “just dont switch platform”. please help me.