Problem with disenchanting cards from twist

I can’t disenchant cards from twist. After disenchant option there is an animation and then I get error. It is in polish so the translation might be wrong. “A system error prevented the request from being fulfilled. Try again later”. I was trying for the next few weeks but there was no change. Maybe I don’t know how this mode works and simply I can’t disenchant these cards, but there is a visual option to do this.

There are no cards exclusive to the Twist mode.
If you’re talking about the current twist format, what hero are you trying to disenchant ?
If you’re talking about the Twist set in the disenchant menu, you better ignore it. I’ve played a bit with that menu to understand what it is and it’s showing an in-between of your standard/wild collection mixed with your classic collection. Even if they show differences they are shared sets. If you try to disenchant a classic card, it will disenchant the wild version too.
If it’s what you are trying to disenchant cards from, just don’t.

It worked fine for me. I created a common card (figured it’d cost the least amount of dust to experiment with), then exited the create menu. Then disenchanted that same common, and left the menu again. No errors anywhere in the process. Maybe something else occurred with you, but I don’t feel like wasting all my dust experimenting. There ARE entries in the Crafting collection for former Core set cards, but they’re greyed out, so I don’t think those are the issue.

you may not face any issue because it’s a likely sync issue between classic and standard sets
I had 4 wrath in standard and 2 in classic
Disenchanting one of them would disenchant 1 in each set (granting dust only once)
Trying to craft a classic copy of wrath would result in an error since I had already 3 standard ones and couldn’t craft a 4th one
I don’t remember having the error the other way around but anyway, don’t use that crafting set

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I don’t know if these cards are free for every player. In my collection I can press “creating cards” button and take twist filter with cards that I own. Then I just click on a rogue or warrior or other class. I have few legendary cards like Lord Jaraxxus. These cards are only for twist and I am not sure if I am able to disenchant them. There is a way to get dust from them but after animation I get error “A system error prevented the request from being fulfilled. Try again later”. I saw an option to disenchant few cards from my collection and thats it.