Prince Artas adventure


I am here because I have a problem with the adventure to get Prince Arthas.

Indeed, I am a very big Paladin player, and I have always wanted to do the adventure to get the Prince Arthas skin.

But unfortunately I never had access to it even though I created my account in November 2019.

What was my surprise when yesterday I introduced Hearstone to my friend and I saw that he has access to the adventure to have Prince Arthas!

please help me !

A sad Paladin player

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If the adventure is not available in your adventures list maybe you can try
-checking the shop in-game
-checking the shop on the website
Every adventure should be accessible. Years ago, when adventures were wild only you could only buy them on the website
The strange part is that the first fight is free so you should still be able to access it
Maybe also buy a pack from frozen throne ? :person_shrugging:

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I feel a bit dump to haven’t try the web site shop before !

Thank you very much man !

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I want to get his portrait. I think it is ok.

I will try this

20 characters?