Pretty sneaky sis

tri-class cards are only the class in which your playing now? Awesome, would be nice to get an explanation…


No patch notes regarding the REASON behind the change, no communication.

Can you explain the change, and why it was necessary? I mean the obvious answer is you’ll be releasing multiple class cards soon in the future, but how about some communication before you break a deck?


Boo, thought mirror matches were actually winnable when playing burgle rogue. Almost was a powerful deck.
It wasn’t Naga Sea Witch or anything. several classes have 2 mana 3/4s.
The first three were actually bugs, but that was a huge blow to a archetype pretty reliant on RNG. never heard anyone complain about thief rogue before in wild. But OK.

you shouldnt start a topic with a lie

I saw “bug fixes” not nerfs

edit: reasons as to why now, when other synergies existed while the deck was in standard. 5 mana 5/6

the point being it was very underhanded… sorry I legit stopped reading after bug fixes, as this wasn’t a bug IMO.

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