Post-patch meta

A lot of wrong nerfs specially in warlock and warrior. Too slight of a touch in both. Simphony should have also gone back to 6 mana, and craftsman hammer should have gone to 3 mana 2/2 aswell. I mean both warrior and warlock have decreased a little in popularity because of the nerfs, but i’m pretty sure in just a few days the ladder will be all warriors and warlocks all over again for the most part, and it could be even worse if all those control warlock players just switch to chad lock which is the class best deck at the moment. Chad lock and odyn warrior meta?? LOL I mean, if we are to have these low skill ceiling dumb decks at the top of the game i just rather have a meta full of miracle druids. At least donkeys can’t play high skill cap decks like miracle druid properly…

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I don’t think it’s true that the Warlock nerfs weren’t enough. The point is that it doesn’t matter. The only bad matchup for Control Warrior before the nerf was Warlock, and the nerf tap Warrior got isn’t going to change that. You’re going to see a lot of Warlock just because it’s the only hard counter to the real meta tyrant. The only decks that make sense are Warrior (rock), Warlock (paper), and things that beat Warlock (scissors) — such as Arcane Hunter and Mech Rogue.


From what I’ve seen today in Legend:

Lots of arcane hunter.
Tons of BUU DK.
Enrage Warrior.
Tony Druid.
Skelly Mage.
Control Lock.
Big Demon DH.
Miracle Rogue.
One (1) Control Warrior.

Control Warrior isn’t dead, but just the idea of them nerfing it dwindled its popularity. The Warlock nerf was small, but enough to impact popularity as well.

Yeah that’ll only last until the data catches up

I got my money on Enrage becoming, and staying, more popular than Control.

I don’t think it is so much the nerfs, but more people learning how to play around Control Warrior. If you are able to Theotar/Patchwerk/Dirty Rat Odyn then warrior is screwed 6 ways from sunday, which is why there is less and less of it at higher ranks. Literally their entire win condition is Odyn.
Enrage will become the new frontrunner for warriors.

There are lots of people trying to hard counter warrior right now. Dirty rats are seeing play in almost every deck now, and there are people trying to outvalue and make constant annoying boards to mess up with warrior’s gameplan, by playing decks like earthen or big paladin. The new aggro unholy iteration of plague DK seems to be giving warriors lots of trouble too by constantly playing minions and loading their deck with plagues. I don’t know but at my rank bracket around 1k legend control warrior seems nearly unplayable right now. Warlocks though, are not as popular as they were, but seem to be better than warrior because it’s not being so violently targeted as warrior is, and the nerf to symphony kind of didn’t even matter in the end.
Fact is the meta is very weird right now, somewhat of a complete mess. Not to mention druids are still doing druid things with the new tony jailer druid bs deck.

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That’s not happening because nobody wants to play Enrage.

Tell that to all the enrage warriors I’m fighting. They are trying out the new copy minion and copying the one with charge while damaged.

That’s the point. They are trying it out since Control got ‘nerfed’. It’s only a matter of time before they stop playing it and go back to Control which is a more new archetype.

Enrage won’t reach more than 3% play rate, while Control will continue hovering around 8% - 15%.

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The game’s in a super sorry state, and every time I play for more than… like 3 matches a week I question why.

It’s just not interesting to play against 12 different variants of Jade Druid, combo decks and board flood aggro decks.

Are they actually never going to make fair midrange decks viable again? And there’s so many cards, which, even on paper are outrageous. Super overtuned and pushed. And they show no interest in correcting that or nerfing it.

Control Warrior is a deck which has HUGE lifegain… alongside MASSIVE burst damage. And they honestly spent like 5 patches buffing the life out of it until it was good. Why? It’s asinine.

Like Crusader Aura. It’s a Savage Roar.

Except… it’s permanent. It gives a health point, and lasts THREE TURNS. In a class that has a way easier time summoning sticky minions. All for 1 extra mana.

What the actual hell. They rotated Savage Roar for a reason.


I’m only in platinum atm, and I can’t remember the last time I saw a deck that wasn’t DK or Warrior…you think the game is in a sorry state at higher ranks, check out the lower ones. It’s so repetitive I find it hard to bring myself to play.

If you have issues against Warlock/Warrior aggro Paladin does well against them. I just sat down for a few hours of real legend ladder grinding and went 15-3 with this deck. It’s surprisingly bursty and has legs to close out against even the strongest removal.

Pure Paladin

Class: Paladin

Format: Standard

Year of the Wolf

2x (1) Righteous Protector

2x (1) Sanguine Soldier

2x (1) Sinful Sous Chef

1x (2) Blood Matriarch Liadrin

2x (2) Class Action Lawyer

2x (2) Grimestreet Outfitter

2x (2) Jukebox Totem

2x (3) Boogie Down

2x (3) Muster for Battle

2x (3) Warhorse Trainer

2x (4) Buffet Biggun

2x (4) Crusader Aura

1x (6) The Purator

1x (7) Amitus, the Peacekeeper

1x (7) Anachronos

1x (7) The Countess

1x (7) The Leviathan

2x (10) Lightray


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The fact that they “nerfed” multiple hunter cards and it’s still the deck to climb with…
we need another nerf next week… earlier I would hope but that wont happen. should hit totem shaman too a tiny bit. not sure which card of that deck needs nerf tho, but it’s a bit too synergetic.


Well, this list does well against them because after you played this list you dont face any warriors or dks no more :rofl:

Match making is a fickle thing. It still holds its own against the rest of the field. Hunter is probably the hardest match unless you get a solid opening and hit the Purator on curve.

lol in which rank bracket and star multiplier are you playing that hunter is the best deck to climb with?? Hunter is a lot weaker right now, and even unholy plague dk is a much better aggro deck to be playing at the moment than arcane hunter…

Hunter Tier 1 Top1000
Hunter 2 decks in Tier 1 Diamond - Legend
Hunter 2 decks in Tier 1 Bronze - Gold

I guess the question is what rank are YOU playing at where Hunter isn’t? Because it is one of the best decks to play in HS right now. Both Secret Hunter and, still, Arcane Hunter.



Uh Hunter is still the best class overall except the very narrow top 100 meta. Paladin is a close second outside of the top 100 as well but it’s gaining ground even there.


Most my games are can you deal with a 0 mana Yogg swing turn or not?

Why does team 5 insist on making the same stupid design mistakes over and over. There’s no reason Yogg needs to be a reduce to 0 mana card. Mana cheating has always been a major issue in balancing but since the design team is untalented and lazy they keep shooting themselves in the foot.