Possible hack or a bug? (Arcane blast connection problem)

I just played against a mage who used the card that swaps out their hero power with Arcane Blast, and every single time they used Arcane Blast, the animation froze and my game had to reconnect. This happened 8 times in a row.

Does Arcane Blast do something intensive computation wise or something?

it’s a know reported bug still not acknowledged by blizzard.
The fact that players come here and report this bug by opening new threads instead of aggregate in the already opened ones , make this bug less noticeable by blizzard staff

Since I only see one other thread on this, it is not extensively being reported by “New Threads” instead of “Already opened ones” now, is it? Do try not to exaggerate.

Btw they fixed it by disabling the card , i suspect there are still some duel decks running

i read about 10+ or more threads in the last 7 days here

just from a simple research and there are others with other titles