Possible change for Death Knights

I can see this idea being “bad” if it fully prevents functionality of the class, so I am not sure how much this will impact in a negative way, but, for flavor I would like to see a mechanic that at base any MECH cannot provide a CORPSE for DK simply because flavor-wise it would make sense that mechs don’t do that.

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True, but you also should question elementals and totems for that purpose then.


My thought is this, when I say base I mean without modification, so if you play an ability on any mech that specifies it generates a corpse / an additional corpse, then you should get that bonus corpse from it.

In normal wow (classic at least), mechs are immune to diseases, life drains, and bleed effects. Not sure if that should integrate here or not but might be nice.

You bring up elementals, I like the thought here. Given that elementals are not immune to such effects they should still provide a corpse. I also think elementals should yield corpses anyway since they leave behind a body when they die (in wow) and they are a living being when alive .Anything that is alive and can bleed and can be diseased should be able to leave behind a corpse.

You bring up totems, interesting. I cannot find info atm about life drains being able to kill totems or not in wow, but certainly when a totem dies it vanishes, there is no “body” of any kind left be hind to loot etc. So, I agree to not let totems yield corpses at base either.

Mind you:
No Deathknight is likely to be able to summon a totem of their own, other than like the MC effect of stealing with Sylvannas, and the likelihood of wanting to steal a totem over any other minion is effectively 0 anyway. So not a big deal.

But, any Deathknight deck can run mechs and elementals in their decks.

There are two neutral Totems in hs. Sinstone Totem is the one in Standard :wink: