Plz tell me this is a bug and not intention:

Opponent has 2/4 Pirate

Me pings the 2/4 and makes it 2/3 (1dmg taken)

Next round opponent plays the 3/3 pirate that makes the 2/3 to a 3/4.

SO far so good

Now!!! i kill the 3/3 buffer pirate, so it can not give anymore 1/1 to other pirates.

Guess what happens?

The 3/4 buffed pirate with ( 1 dmg taken still)

BEcomes back a 2/4 with full health.

Thats not logical.

He should keeop the taken dmg and without the 1/1 buff he should went back to his previous 2/3 status.

I know this interaction is out since beginning and happens rarely.

But still, its just not logical to work this way

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That is not a bug. It is working as intended.


It is a known bug, actually.

The post above the one I linked from Gnomesayin describes the exact effect as the OP.

It’s not a bug.

Take another look at the actual issue in the thread you just linked. It’s not about the interaction between a damaged minion and an aura; it’s purely about the interaction of stat-setting effects like Libram of Justice with auras.