Please fix the card witchwood apple. devs please read

Please fix the druid card, witchwood apple.

its a 2 mana, put three treants in your hand. (please change to this new definition "put three treants in your hand that cost 1 (mana each).)

right now when all is played its 8 mana to summon 3 treants. if you made them cost 1 it would be 5 mana to summon 3 treants which is literally the card force of nature (5 mana summon 3 treants). landscaping is a card for 3 mana summon 2 treants. so in conclusion unless you played all 3 of the 1 cost treants from the new defined witchwood apple you would be spending more mana anyways compared to other spells and even when you played all 3, the mana cost would only add up to a force of nature.

another idea would be to change the definition to “summon a treant put two in your hand” if this card proved too be too strong

Please heavily consider this idea please

I think it was a test to see a generate three bad token card would go as hand filler. technically 2 mana draw 3 would be a good effect. Except when paying 8 mana to play 2/2s was awful even by vanilla flex standards and a 5 mana card could do the same.

But eh, it’s a old card. It could be buffed and nothing would change, but why outside of single player?

I wasnt too sure where to post this to get a real dev to see it, I also added another idea to the post

The forum seems to be the worst place for that. While the devs do get some input from the forum, it’s mostly filtered through a Community Manager who looks at broad trends from the entire community. A “please buff this Wild-only card that never saw play” thread is unlikely to cause any kind of change, especially not when it’s a card that could potentially improve an already popular and powerful archetype (in this case Token Druid).

But if you want use this forum to suggest balance changes that aren’t specific to certain single player content, the Multiplayer forum is the appropriate venue. But since the devs aren’t active on the forum, reddit and Twitter might be overall better places. And if you have a reasonably popular Youtube channel or Twitch stream that would be an even better place to start a campaign for a buff.

got changed my good sir