Percentile text window in the middle of the game client?

I don’t know how to post my screenshot specifically on these forums but basically when I was trying to queue into the Tavern Brawl, there was a text bar that opened on top of the game client window in the middle of the screen with “0%” in it. It was only a few inches wide but it was CLEARLY attached specifically to the Hearthstone game window.

I didn’t dare try to type anything into it in case it did something I shouldn’t otherwise be capable of manipulating the window but I could use my cursor to highlight it and click as though I wanted to type either in front of, in-between, or after it.

This continued, trying to load the game, until it crashed. It happened a couple more times but now is not occurring further. Is this indicative of any problems with my Hearthstone client? I REALLY hope I don’t have to re-install because my bandwidth limit is extremely poor.

I had not pressed any keys on my keyboard nor did any cursor shenanigans. It just really worried me.

EDIT: It is happening again, just queuing into regular Standard battles now.