Patch 24.2.1 Patch Notes

Patch 24.2.1, a server-side hotfix patch, is scheduled for September 2 and includes the following content updates and bug fixes.

Content updates:
• Adjusted the Battlegrounds Leaderboard logic to remove all players with 0 Rating from the Leaderboards and increase the number of games required before appearing on the Leaderboards.
• Lich Baz’hial was moved from Armor Tier 1 to Armor Tier 3.
• Fungalmancer Flurgl was moved from Armor Tier 2 to Armor Tier 1.
• Several Battlegrounds Quests and Quest Rewards have been adjusted.
• The Witness Protection Battlegrounds Quest and Another Hidden Body Quest Reward have been temporarily removed from the Quest pool.
• Adjusted the “Big Friends” and “Live to Win” Duels buckets and removed Sire Denathrius from the “Group Learning” bucket.

Bug fixes:
• Fixed a bug where Ring of Tides would continue to update based on the original owner’s spells after stolen.
• Fixed a bug where the Imp generated by Imp Gang Boss lost its “Imp” tag.
• Fixed a bug preventing the Training Session Darkmoon Prize from working with the Sire Denathrius.


Yeah… you didnt remove ‘Another Body’ apparently. I had it as of 1 hour ago after your ‘hotfix’ went live… just an fyi

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That’s cool and all, but let me know when I can purchase BG perks w/ gold again, and I’ll consider coming back.


i saw on twitter you want to lower the difficulty of: Wondrous Wisdomball: Occasionally gives helpful Refreshes. You surely have number to back it up, but number don’t tell everything. Now people overpeak it just for the fun and to see what it does even if the paired requirement is bad. But i guarantee you this quest doesnt need any buff.

Otherwise, i agree with all (maybe unlikely duo need a slight buff ?)

My xp boost is disabled since the update, and I submitted a ticket three days ago. I haven’t get any feedback yet, what the fk is going on?


No fixes for the overall lag :frowning: and thr battlepass is still locked behind $$…


Several Battlegrounds Quests and Quest Rewards have been adjusted.

What exactly are these adjustments?
This is…nonspecific and creates un-necessary ambiguity.

Please update the post with complete information.


they told us is a visual bug days ago and its easy to check just do the math

you still get the bonus exp

wheres the fix for the “cant buy BG perks with gold” bug? cause i mean that has to be a bug. surely you guys wouldn’t take the one mode that has no impact on anything on any other part of the game after the match is over and force people to pay cash for it. i mean that would be dumb. so i’m hoping you guys have it on track to be fixed. i’m worried to play till that bug is fixed. dont want to corrupt my game data so i wont be playing till that’s fixed.


Playtesting before releasing would have found and resolved a lot of these issues.

I don’t see anything about the issue with frozen minions not remaining in the tavern for your next turn. Multiple times I’ve froze the minions in the tavern only to start my next turn with a random group of minions that weren’t there.

The rewards track quests are a hinderance to the mode. They kick strategy out the window in favor of chasing cosmetic rewards.

The BG pass/rewards track is making for a lot of junk games. Insta-quits at hero select are increasing. The number of people conceding once the game is down to the top 4 or better has grown dramatically.

The in-match quests needed tested (more?) before release. The imbalance some of them create is obvious enough to ensure that they would not have made it to the live release.

We didn’t need more animations eating up the turn timers either. Please consider letting things just play and not having dramatic animations and such with every one of them.

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i know right? its almost like people dont have as many heros to choose from anymore or something

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Would be nice to give details… You have them why not share them ?

The BG rewards track always opens at level 1. Which is annoying if you are much further, you have to scroll through each level.

-removed the garbage runestones from the game and will be issuing a huge mea culpa to all players in a future patch.
-firing all those responsible for the idea, implementation, and allowing it to go live.
-actually making the game F2P again

Any eta on these?


Amen :pray:t2: why did they even bothered thinking about a name for the added currency when they should just call it REAL CASH. Lol blizzard’s team is worse and worse every year. Dying company having no clue what are they doing.

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Actually look up the meaning of P2W. What you just described is subscription based content, like wow.

And more coc violating garbage from pro company sock puppet accounts that won’t get actioned. Stay classy mods, team 5, actiblizz and microsoft!

they have WAY MORE DATA than you do to make these decisions. and clearly know better. they see the winrate of everything across all games. you do not!

Can you read a 4 lines post ?

yes i can…apparently you dont tho and think you know better!!! lol

how about turning off the animations of discover minions during battles or lowering it during the shop. if you are playing apm, these multiple discoveries from quest in 1 turn kills more than half the time to build, with each discovery being 10-12 secs each.