Patch 22.0 Card Effect Priority Update

At least the celestial interaction was fixed. Used to be that librams were set to 1 before the patch. Now it correctly sets them to 0.

Didnt have the opportunity to play against watch towers, but I assume that if the celestial interaction works, then there’s no reason watchpost doesn’t.

Okay, so if I understand this correctly, “X effect takes priority over Y effect” technically mean “Y effect is applied before X effect”.

I also think these parts are incorrectly described:

  • Cards referencing their own properties (e.g. Eye Beam)
  • cards referencing other cards’ properties in a single instance (e.g. Freezing Trap)

They should be described as:

  • Cards referencing their own properties continuously
  • cards referencing other cards’ properties in a single instance

For example, we expect Bonechewer Brawler’s effect to have the same priority as Wave of Apathy, Since both are single instance effects, despite the fact that Bonechewer’s effect is self referencing. (If Bonechewer gets damaged and afterwards gets affected by Wave of Apathy we expect it to have 1 attack not 3 while the effect lasts)

So to summarize, effect priority can be described backwards by order of application as follows:

  1. apply “single instance” effects
  2. apply “continuous on others” effects
  3. apply “continuous on self” effects

This also leaves me wondering about Grommash Hellscream VS. Wave of Apathy. Grommash’s effect reads like a self reference continuous effect. If we follow the text and the described rules it would make a damaged Grommash affected by Wave of Apathy to have have 7 attack and not 1. But as an “enraged” ability it might be coded like a “single instance” that gets applied when the minion becomes damaged and is removed when the minion becomes undamaged.

And how do cards like Cogmaster and Overconfident Orc interact with Wave of Apathy?

Edit 2:
I assume they keep their buffs just like a how the effects of Goru the Mightree and Lightborn Cariel still apply after a Wave of Apathy.

Can you please update the Herocards aswell? the card should resolve before the Battlecry happens, just like it does for summons. So you first get the armor, portrait and new hero Power…then the battlecry takes place.
It´s a really big issue with the current mage hero interacting with wildfire, but it´s also just a massive problem with clarity in general if this stays as counter intuitive.

there also some wierd interaction with the hunter quest, if you play the new hero at the right time the new hero power will still end up costing 0 mana.

that should be working as intended, as when you don´t finish quest step 2 before playing the hero you´ll reduce his hero power to zero (and if you finish it and then play him he overwrites the reduction and you go back to 3mana), that´s absolutely coherent.

Yes it makes sence it works like that cause the order it played in , i more meant i doubt they intented these 2 to interact that way, 0 mana for either a (random) 4-2 charge 4-4 taunt or a 2-4 that buffs all other with 1 attack that refreshes after each spell is a ton of value

with heavy constriction on how you play to avoid proccing the quest before randomly drawing the hero. It´s a solid highroll and definitely intentional.

that not what i mean but nvm