Pandaren Importer

I played Pandaren Importer three times in wild as a blood DK and only received 2 options each time.

What was in your deck? How many spells?

I don’t think the number of spells in the deck matters cause of rune requirements. You can’t possibly put all but 2 DK spells in your deck. So it must be a bug

Still happening after the mini set.

I specifically made a deck to try and get 0 discovers off Pandaren Importer. 18 unique spells in deck, there are 31 total dk spells, and 5 of them are triple rune. I could get one choice discovers frequently, but never 0 choice. I’m thinking it rerolls the whole selection if 0 cards are applicable, but that’s only after about 100 attempts at a 3.5% chance occurrence.