Paladin got nothing in the new expansion

Am I missing something?

Looking at paladins cards for the march of the lich king and they all look garbage tier.

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Pally cards seem to be split between attack buffs and dragon stuff

The attack buffs may be power creeped enough to be used.

Dragon stuff is more iffy.

But it appears there isn’t enough to create brand new deck types yet. Pally is likely to take existing decks and see if new cards help improve them against the meta.

The Blood Knight stuff looks really strong. I’m not convinced by the Dragons but the legendary is decent.

0% chance aggro paladin doesn’t at least make tier 3

Why would anyone ever play Aggro Paladin over Aggro Druid? What exactly are they getting out of that?

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Eh, some players prefer certain classes to others despite power-level.


You are somehow wrong, at least in my opinion, everything looks very good, the silver fists are still very strong, I think nothing changes in the paladin anyway.

“Why would anyone play aggro druid over implock?”

“Why would anyone play quest priest over boar priest”

The answer to all 3 is the same. Because they are different decks with different difficulties, strengths, and weaknesses


The dragon legendary seems decent in a control deck, but overall I agree, looks pretty bleak.

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I’m guessing self declared paladin players are looking for tirion 2.0. Massive value card with immediate power plus increased later turn power or tempo.

Daddy tirion: Lifesteal, divine shield, taunt, mega-windfury, charge, ignores taunt, can’t be targeted by spells, reborn. Battlecry deal damage equal to this minion’s attack.


Nobody plays Implock, everyone plays that version that also runs the Curse package

so the curse implock because thats what it is really lol.

the data suggests otherwise, a quick search on hsreplay shows non curse is also sees quite a bit of play.


Control Paladin will likely get a little help, which is likely all it needs to remain a good deck.

Other than that, there’s nothing obvious that says Paladin will be great with any other deck. However, I wouldn’t count Quest Paladin out. Sometimes, Paladin ends up with a sleeper deck when things look bleak and Quest Paladin may have gotten enough to get enough support to be a decent deck, but I don’t think it’ll be anything above Tier 3.

I am at Diamond 3 and have faced at least 6 Renethal Curse Imp decks in the last 3 hours with about 3 of them being non renethal curse imp decks. Have not seen a regular imp lock in a while it seems.

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While I think that Dragon paladin didn’t get enough support yet, and that no completely new archetype was introduced fully…

Control pal;adin got one hell of a card, and all paladin decks got one of the best one drops in the game (for standard), and some of the buffs do have the chance to see play in existing decks as well.

Getting cards for existing decks is arguably more powerful imo than getting half-finished archetypes or gimmicks of questionable success rate (looking at concoctions as an example, which I doubt will work with their current numbers).

So overall while not exciting, I think that paladin did get some good cards that can help it stay relevant in a new meta.

Control paladin in particular seems strong enough to stay competitive in a new meta.

I think dragon cards can support a control deck, but the package doesn’t have enough to stand on its own as the main win con for a deck.

The question is how well will the new cards work with existing control decks