Only ever getting 103 MMR for first

hey there,
before the reset the highest MMR I had was about 7.5k.
now I’m at 6k and for EVERY first I get it’s always +103.
I see streamers getting around +200 even though they’re really high up and not that far from where they used to be before the reset. (krip or savjz for example)
I understand that there’s an internal MMR but this still seems weird.
Is this a bug or something I’m not understanding?

It is a new system and the rating you see is cosmetic only. The amount of rating adjustment is related to your internal MMR, the MMR of your lobby, and your current rating.

If you’re seeing 103 for a win, it means you are in a group with similar MMR.

There is no indication that your old BG rating will equal your new one.

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ok I get that but It’s been like 12 wins in a row or something, shouldn’t it vary? even just a little bit?

Not when you’re back to your internal MMR. The old system was essentially the same way - you got 100 pts plus or minus a hidden difficulty modifier. I played BG grouped with a much lower player, won the lobby, and only got 77 points. The other player got 60 something for third.

It will not vary much from there until it starts to decrease the award when you match with lower internal MMR players.

Edit: I am at 5.5k and get 103 each win as well. Apparently that’s just the number.

thanks for the info, so it can only decrease? will I never get more than 103? still don’t really get why streamers get 140 or 200, are their difficulty modifiers higher cause they are lower than their internal MMR and I’m back to mine? when you’re even you get more equal opponents?

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That is exactly why. Their internal MMR is exceptionally high.

That’s the theory, at least. They have placed you there and as you win you are modifying both your internal MMR and your BG rating.

I suspect there were areas on the previous ladder where people who played longer than others created artificial bubbles in the ladder, but idk. I think the no longer like the idea of infinite BG ranking so they have worked to sort of cap it. It is still more play is more ranking, but not as bad as before.

that pretty much clears it up. thanks for taking the time and explaining :smiley: so if I get it right I have reached my cap and from now on will receive 103 and less if I only progress, but if I go to like 9k then drop back to 6k, then maybe I will get 200 for a win. right?

Edit: I’m assuming here that the internal and external MMR are progressing at about the same rate, might be wrong on that.

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The thing you see is not related to who you play in the game. It is not an external MMR or anything like that. It’s sort of a record of how many points you amass.

The MMR is never shown at this point, and that is how they fill lobby.

If you didn’t follow Peverin’s link above, it’s covers this stuff. From the link:

  1. After each game, if your external rating is below 6500, we will give you a very small value of positive rating gain, on top of your “actual” rating change, which could be either positive or negative. For example, in theory your rating would be added/subtracted by 50 after a game, but since we give you 3 progression points, in reality your rating value will be added/subtracted by 53/47. That small value is determined solely by your external rating—the smaller your external rating is, the bigger this “progression value” would be. Note that this number is so small that you won’t even feel it unless you play many games. When your external rating is above 6500, this value is set to 0.