Old Quest Not Completing

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve played Hearthstone, and I came back to see a Happy Hallow’s End quest sitting there: “Play a game in arena mode.”

No problem. Can do.

So I played an arena game.

And the quest didn’t complete. Played two more games and the quest still isn’t completing. I can’t reroll it either … how do I fix this and get that sweet 200g reward?

The Hearthstone Hallow’s End missions are not eligible to be completed since the event ended on the 30th. This will need to be replaced with a standard mission by clicking on the circular arrow button.

If there’s any issues or you’d like to report this over to our Hearthstone team, the bug report forums is the best place to report this issue.

Hello there
I am having same problem and there is no circular arrow button to replace quest.

Thanks for creating a thread on the bug report forums! We do have a planned fix for the Hallow’s End Arena Daily Quest planned to be fixed this week if the reroll option isn’t present, here’s the post for the list of issues: