Ok walk me thru this please?

I dont recall anything else about this match but I had gotten 2nd place having never once faced this person that took 1st. They played Reno and had an elemental with 800 hp. For real. Now I had been rocking the Jabberwock hero and spamming my golden demon/elemental battlecry that kept making tavern minions bigger and bigger, I even had brann for a while making it better and better. I had the golden deathrattle elemental that would buff tavern elementals every time it triggered. My largest minions with the magnetized hugeness along with the elementals being equally huge, was somewhere in the 60s/60s. (I would get the amalgam from tier 1 to snag as many magnetic minions i could to take advantage of them appearing as well as the elementals.

Reno had a few other minions, one with like 150hp, and the rest were standard issue stock attacks and hp.

HOW did they manage to get that elemental to 800 hp because according to its text it doubles the hp of the highest hp friendly. but the only other minion with high hp was only 150 hp. And I thought I was doing so well as I hadnt taken damage yet that whole game as i mowed them all down. but the round I faced them was just ridiculous as that minion still had about 400 hp after all the reborns and deathrattles and so on triggered.

And please, for my benefit, if you shorthand describe (minion name only) please either link to it or describe it so I can follow whatever this impossibility was concocted.

If I remember my last match, the minion also scales off itself, if you’re talking about the upbeat upstart.

Funny, how you ask people who respond to clearly identify or describe what minions they talk about, yet your own description only provides us with the vague description “an elemental”.

However, here’s the minion I believe you are referring to: Upbeat Upstart.
As you can see, it does not double the hp of the highest friendly. It sets its own health equal to double that of the highest health minion in the warband.

So how can this minion have had 800hp? My guess is that 4 turns earlier, the one that you saw with 150hp had 100hp. Upbeat Upstart trigered, and set its own health to twice that: 200hp. Two turns after that, it triggered again. The highest health was now 200 (itself), so it set its health to twice that, 400hp. And then, two turns later, before facing you, that happened one more time, to set it to 800hp.

Of course, it is also possible that your opponent had done a lot with Blood Gems and then at one point found a (regular or even golden) Necrolyte:
In that case I would expect high attack too. You never mentioned whether the elemental you faced had high or low attack.


it had like 8 attack.
and I dont know the names of the minions so i just describe what i can recall about its thing it does. which I did, I didnt stop at merely “elemental”.

But in what world does 2x 150 = 800? the ability doesnt become cumulative, it is “set” meaning it is not adding its previous hp total to the new amount of whatever twice the highest hp of another minion. with the only other friendly on their board having 150hp, its just not mathematically possible to multiply that by 2 and get 800.

Edit: thats subtle… thats some subtle broken bs. lol. how can it set its hp to itself if its the highest hp in the warband already tho? Im not talking the triple. im talking the normal one, if its reached highest hp in my board, then what does it do? Ive never encountered the minion to purchase in the tavern so I ve no experience using it. But I wouldnt have caught the subtlety of this ability on its golden form. Reminds me a lot of how I went over a year not knowing George could divine shield power a minion in the tavern or cookie could target not his own minions for the discovery stew after 3 minions have been put in. For over a year I had thought it could only ever be my own minions Im cooking lol, (no wonder I thought he was super trash hero back then).lol.

Ok so the golden form can even target itself for the doubling. I never would have caught that. thanks for pointing that out.

Well, let’s say it’s at 145 health, and all minions in your warband are at 45 or lower health. Then it would set its health to 145. (Which it of course already was, so nothing actually changes).

Typically, the wording on a card adds the word “other” or “another” when the effect of a minion does not apply to that minion itself. E.g. Amber Guardian: “Start of Combat: Give another friendly Dragon +2/+2 and Divine Shield.” Because it says “another” the Amber Guardian cannot buff itself. (But if you have two, they can buff each other).

Yeah, thats the level of subtlety that not obvious to me. Like i said, Cookie’s or George’s hero power being used to target things in the tavern remained unknown to me for nearly a year.