Normal difficulty is too overwhelmingly hard to play against

I understand I need to “get gud” but for crying out loud I’ve been playing since the game launched and I’m still unable to beat almost all of the single player campaign missions, there really should be a difficulty setting other than “normal” and “heroic” for all the single player modes so that not everything is such topdeck perfection or fail no matter what.

I havent been able to progress in the book of mercenaries since Ruuk, Im stuck on 6/8 for like a year now. Im not making any progress in any of the others Ive bought over the years with the exception of naxxaramas. and I had to cheat to beat that by following a video play by play since there was no randomness involved, you always draw the same things in the same order. But every solo mode afterward remains at like 1 or 2 matches beaten into each story and brick wall of unbelievable difficulty.

Have you tried turning it on and off again? :ok_hand:

Why does Jen have the Internet out?!

If you can’t beat pve in normal dif, perhaps it is not up to your skill set. Heroic matches are tough but normal pve since the start of Hs are not that hard to figure out. The lich king’s battles been the exception.

For some, what you say is true, but you might also say getting to legendary in ranked is also not hard. I can assure you, it is. The Highest I have ever gotten is Silver 4. And that was with me trying my hardest. I dont copy decks or dust cards out of my collection to make specific cards for a deck so I know Im at a disadvantage in ranked, but in single player the deck is made for us, it shouldn’t be a turn 3 or turn 10 and “you lost already try again” Brick Wall. It is honestly more difficult than ranked mode matches to try and complete the single player normal difficulty. Perhaps the Normal difficulty should be called Heroic and they should lower the difficulty for Normal.

Heroic matches are real hard but normal matches and some pve content is just underwhelming and should be adjusted up and not down.
Now rank at some point if you are not netdecking whatsoever you should at least get to plat or d in st and in wild plat but all base on exp, some people just can grasp the ins of out of a ccg and not because they lack the skills to do so but sometimes they need somebody to coach them or point them out in the right direction and even when you playing a meme deck(a subpar deck), knowing you deck strenght and weakness may lead you to salvage games that were not entirely on your favor; with pve you have all the time of the world to study the synergy of your cards vs the ai and learning to do so in the least move/rounds possible will lead you to be a better pvp player as well. A good player can take a sub par 50% deck to over 60 or even higher and sometimes the deck you play is not well built(crafting decks and constantly refining them takes time and only few players have the skills to do so).

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that is a looooong run on sentence.

what were you even saying?

and Silver 4 is the highest Ive ever gotten since the game launched. GOld and PLat is well beyond my skill level.

Single PLayer should be easier content because the hero powers you are up against are completely unfair and unbalanced. I havent even unlocked heroic mode for single player missions.

The decks/basic decks the game provides are enough to beat most boss. The ranking has nothing to do with pve. The boss hero power will give clues and how it fights will also provide clues. The tools are there. For the ones you already mention Devs did rework certain bosses, hp, remove certain bosses to help beating the content, and provide better bucket listing.

Since you’re still having trouble with this it means you’re doing something wrong not the game. Only you know what that is. Perhaps mental training will do some good like having a cool head before doing something intense, take breaks, write down what cards/combo works. You can also watch youtube videos on how to do it.

Single player content for the most part since this game came out are all design easy getting the player familiar with how the game works. Couple bosses require little bit more thinking to beat. There’s dungeon runs for players who likes a challenge. There’s a puzzle solving one that helps players of all skill to get better at.

All in all, there’s no rush just take your time to beat it. Eventually you will beat what you couldn’t before. :smiley:

I havent beaten any of the single player missions for a really long time now. And Ive watched vids on them but nothing goes the way for me that allows me to even come close to emulating what the vids im watching can do.

Im currently stuck on Lord Marrowgar in Knights of the Frozen Throne; Silverware Golem in Night at Karazhan.

(I actually did complete Blackrock Mountain and Naxxaramas but only Normal, just barely).

Ive beaten Reno Jackson in Galakrond’s Awakening but havent unlocked the stages after that.

Im stuck on Shalja in Ashes of Outland.

I ve havent been able to complete any of the book of heroes.

Im stuck at 6/8 on Ruuk in Book of Mercenaries. (General Twinbraid).

There really oughta be an option to have an easy setting for the difficulty of the matches once you lose so many times consecutively. Or hell, Id accept a a penalty of having to be hand held thru the levels like how the training missions dont let you go off script from what will result in a win condition for the player. Something like that where it tells you what to do to handle this unrealistically hard ai they have set you against.

Anything to allow progress and the ability to learn whats expected to be the next move. Its just that Blizzard has always used exceptionally difficult AI on their easy/normal modes in almost every title, from WC3 to SC/SC2. To this day I cant beat them on easy in 1v1 in those games either despite having played them since I was a preteen.

As a famous video meme goes, “Im Sorry, I must be too stupid to get all this.” lol

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Well sorry to hear that. The only videos I’ve ever watched for pve content where the final 9 fight’s against the Lich King(the only truly epic fight in hs pve and the best) and even then it was hard as it all depended on the cards of your collection and the lich king’s ability to overwhelm you even if you played correctly, def the most rewarding reward in pve is here as it took me a very long to finish it(Arthas Portrait). Now heroic pve is another beast, if you like a real challenge in HS.

You disregarding my efforts at the normal difficulty being too much of a challenge is coming off as insulting when you claim that heroic is “a real challenge”. I know Im not good enough to beat the challenge I am facing, but your words are just insensitive and oblivious at best, and insulting and rude at worst.

Im gonna give you the benefit of the doubt you didnt intend to come off like that. But as I learned long ago, intentions dont matter when the actions or words have done their damage.

Sorry once again abt that, it wasn’t my intention to undermind your efforts.
Its been a long time since I pass pve. I know you mentioned you are stuck in several parts specifically; wish I could help but I don’t recall any specific fights or insight in order to help. Others have pointed on watching videos; but you also mentioned that this was to no avail.

Best of luck…