No way I am playing new players

My last 5 opponents all had T1 decks ones that cost 15k+ to make and every single one refused to be my friend afterwards.

I believe there is no actual beginner ladder and you are put in with actual normal players on their worthless ladder.

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So from what I understand the new player ladder will actually match you against players of your estimated skill level based on who you win or lose against, this means you can actually be facing legend players in the ranks below bronze, but the moment you exit them you enter into bronze with all bronze players, the simple solution to getting easier games is to lose more, which sucks and feels bad I know, but also it has no downside in beginner ranks, also fun fact you get a star bonus for exiting the beginner ranks, and this star bonus can be the same as a high legend star bonus meaning you can get to legend very quick once you exit
tl;dr, you’re basically right, but if you are winning against them it means you are very skilled and should be matched against them

No wonder this game doesn’t have many new players when you treat them like crap.

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