No new daily quest

Seems the quests are back, unfortunately as a result missed at least one because of the 3 quest limit. Quest types have changed as well. Update: Noticed reroll is missing though.

As of this morning, I have two new quests, so it looks like the one from yesterday was delayed. However, I cannot reroll the quests.

I have: Plague Busting (3 wins in Tombs of Terror) and Rogue / Shaman / Warrior 3 wins. That last one I will definitely reroll (if I can), this is far more annoying than the old 2 wins quests.

I had the exact same problem here. Glad to see I was not the only one.

Same problem mee too
After sending a ticket, today I have received the dayly quest but can’t re-roll

Is the Rogue/Shaman/Warrior 3 wins, or is it 3 plays? I got Warrior/Rogue/Warlock, and it’s “Play 3 games”, so I assume that I won’t have to win. At first, when I saw “3”, I was annoyed too, but now I’m optimistic. 3 plays among 3 classes seems better than 2 wins to me.

Anyhow, for the core issue, same as everyone else. I got the above quest today, but still can’t cancel any of my 3 quests.

Just wanted to update. I got my daily quests now, but I still cannot reroll them.

Today I got the missing from yesterday and the one for today. No re-roll still, but now that there are more 60g quests, it’s easy to complete one of those without completing one of the others.

It’s complete! Awesome update really!

It is “play”, not “win”. I made a mistake when I logged in my SuperMurloc account, I did not read the whole text.

For those interested, I played a Tavern Brawl game, which I conceded at 15 health because I was so far behind, and it did not count for the quest. Better play until someone dies, just to be sure…

Wow, still not able to reroll quests, great job Blizzard.

Just got a new quest but yeah, no reroll possible.

They still haven’t even officially acknowledged this issue yet, right? Aside from reddit that is, if reddit is considered an official channel? I keep expecting to see it mentioned on the desktop Battle Net launcher, or @ Blizzard CS on Twitter. 24+ hours in to this downdate… Anyone seen anything more official than a reddit comment?

They did posted here:

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Thank you. If I’m reading this right, that was posted about 14m ago. Also, that says no rerolling quests until Monday or Tuesday? A week? Certainly not the worst thing to suffer for a week, but I’m surprised.

I think the fact they know it will be included Monday means the code is already fixed. However, they can’t just roll out patches for every single issues, otherwise we would get a small patch at 8:00am to fix the quests, another at 11:32 to fix the Hallow’s End quest and so on, not including the fact that each patch needs to go through some king of QA to miminize the chances of something else breaking, and then each patch needs to be pushed on each mobile app store. One patch a week is probably as much as if reasonable.

They definitely worded it as already fixed. I’ve been around the block, been a gamer since before Blizzard was a company. We’ve seen patches come out faster, so technically what you said isn’t true, unless you literally mean a patch for every complaint - rather than just focusing on the two that people are actually talking about here. But I appreciate your understanding spirit and I realize that Blizzard’s had a rough month or so and this stuff isn’t trivial. I’m not hating on them, but I do use the reroll feature daily and so I miss it, and so from my limited viewpoint it seems like a patch worth escalating, especially since it’s done. Obviously Blizzard disagrees and they’re the ones with boots on the ground, not me. That’s their call, and ours is simply to work with the information we have as we decide whether to stick around or not. Most important to me was that they finally started talking about it an hour or so ago. Not the timeline I hoped for, but the communication itself keeps me happy enough.

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Same here
Cant reroll quests

Hi !
Same Problem, I can’t reroll also… :((

Same problem here. I can’t Re-roll any quests for days now. since the last patch

I have the same issue - not receiving any quests since more than 10 days. Is there already a fix?

Same issue for over a week now… I didn’t log in since June of last year and now after a week of being logged in, still no single new daily quest (despite having two slots for it)

Complete the quest that you are holding onto. That should unlock your dailies.