New Shaman Card, Sludge Slurper


Trogg no stupid!

I’m not an aggro player so I won’t comment on the potential for Shaman aggro with this card but for Midrange or Control this is “light on fire” without a ton of support.

./shrug second Shaman card I have seen and I am not thrilled about wither at the moment.


Oh, I get it, especially the Likkum weapon. And ultimately I like classes to have a flavor but this one is so borderline IMHO. I guess the power of the Lackey justifies the penalty. I’ll be OK, I’m reaching for a Snickers…


I mean honestly, I’m lowkey disappointed by the card myself as well. Thematically I’m no fan of Murlocs and would MUCH rather see an Elemental with Overload synergy, but this card definitely seems to have a place.

That place just likely isn’t in any deck I plan to play.


Shaman got a decent one drop?

What year is this?


firefly was a netral card tho no netral card has overlord its a shaman thing, as alot of shaman cards are low cost and can be played much earlier then the other classes cards such as pally aoe 4 mana deal to deal to all vs shaman 3 mana 2-3 damage lightning storm


I do.

I’m all over this card. This is one of the most exciting ones revealed to me. It’s already a very good opening play (the lackey can be turn 2 without any real loss, and possibly a tempo gain if you pull the random 2 cost one).

Since it checks on being good for normal use, I then ask “does it add value through synergy when some are available?”. And yes, we clearly see it does. Likkim is cool and all…but overload triggers for thunderhead (I think is its name) are already good plays. This serves to do that…and fuel the hand while triggering synergy cheaply.

One of the big problems with overload decks are that too few good cards exist at overload 1. Being forced to murder your follow up turn entirely has held it back.

This does not do that. In fact it pays for itself immediately as those lackeys are worth more than 1 mana.


Well said and you changed my mind on this card for Midrange Shaman to be honest.


I love this card,its the best card revealed thus far.

Likkim was already pretty close to being playable,with this card it definitely will be.
Midrange agro with the 4 mana 3/5 overload synergy,maybe even unstable elemental will make a comeback. And then finish with bloodlust which you draw with the spirit after hexing something. Shudderwock and hagatha as backup,it does look promising.

Lots of mid rangy cards thus far,maybe we get an arena meta (midrange).


So its essentially a 3 mana 3/2 with a random effect. Perhaps it has some upside as an overload activator as most 3 mana 3/2s never end up competitive.

I suppose the best case scenario is it can have the utility that one 3 mana 3/2 card that summoned a random totem before it got nerfed. Tuskar totemic I believe it was called.

Otherwise I look forward to the lackey summoning doomsayer every time.


No, comparing it to a 3 mana 3/2 is not a good way to look at it. Part of what makes those bad is the sheer initial cost and how that limits how you can play them. So even if they have a good effect…its harder to weave it into a turn without butchering tempo (and even control and combo decks have to worry about tempo).

It’s a 1 mana 2/1 activator. One which appropriates a reward equal to the penalty you otherwise pay for being an activator.


Wow. This card is very very good. I can see a brighter future for Shaman in the year of Dragon. But none can replace my Kalimos.

(August Dean Ayala) #33

Quite powerful, I imagine we’ll be seeing lots of Slurper in Shaman decks for the next two years. Lackeys were interesting enough gameplay for us that we thought putting some power behind this card was a good idea. Hope you like it!


Okay the background splash art behind the post is really cool.

Just saying… lol


A decent amount of overload cards see play so no?! Overload can be pretty insane for swing-turns and regaining board-control (and burst of course). Yes, you have to plan ahead 1 turn but it’s anything but “terrible”.


Yeah, this guy does look like shaman’s best 1 drop option thus far. A lackey as your turn 2 play isn’t bad. Late game has good hagatha synergy. Lackeys with shudderwock combo well enough…

It’s solid


Well, it’s by FAR the best lackey generator.

Will see play in almost all shaman decks imo.

Extremely disappointed that the rogue lackey feels so terrible compared to this card…


Would be great if HS developers post their opinions/predictions more often under card releases.


Really it’s on par with Kobold Librarian.

1 mana 2/1 with a drawback related to the heroes class and then a bonus.

But does 1 lackey = 1 card drawn? I’d say yes.


I’d agree with you whole-heartedly. We have Dean on this thread essentially verifying this assessment

I cannot wait. This is going to be the first set I preorder.


Yeah, a token focused deck with a few big/useful minions would also fit well with the new epic that copies a minion in your deck.

This also fits well in a Hagatha deck, since two drops for one card becomes four cards for the price of one.