New Priest Deck

So I have faced this deck twice today. Both times I have faced this deck, on my opponents 5th turn Managed to Draw their entire deck, copy their hand, draw the card, play the card, copy again, draw again and than kill me from full health.

The only difference is that the Priest I just faced Emoted half way through it, when the rope was burning… the stopped burning and the player just kept playing all his card and vola I was dead.

I’ve never seen the rope burn till the end before than just vanish like that while my opponent just kept playing their cards.

This happens fairly frequently when an opponent is performing an OTK. The animations are all queued up within the proper time, but it takes longer than the turn timer for them to all play out visually on your end

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it was 3 mins long, there weren’t any big animations.

If it was the 5th turn and they drew the rest of their deck, that alone would take a long time to show to other side