New Player Experience

Hello, everyone.
So, I reached my goal of staying in the top 1500 legend in NA (currently 700). And since we now get free good decks, I decided to start playing on the asian server as well, but have been facing a few issues:
1 - We don’t get the free deck right away. This means we have to play with the classic cards and the ones we eventually open from packs.
2 - There are FOURTY ranks we need to go through to not be considered a newbie and finally get the free deck.
3 - The matchmaking system is crazy. I (as a rank 30 apprentice) have been facing tier 1 decks ALL THE TIME.
So, these 3 factors combined make playing Hearthstone SUUUUPER tiresome and frustrating. I already love the game and am very invested in it, but I’m saying this because of actual factual new players. I honestly can’t imagine a new player sticking to the game after having this experience. I got tired of feeling underwhelmed, so I put some money in the game to get started and climb out of this hell. But new players probably won’t, they’ll just quit. My suggestion is: fix 1 of these 3 issues and it should get pretty smoother for them. Thanks for reading :slight_smile:


So this means MMR matching is applied all the time, even for new players too. That’s good to know.

If that is what it means, great! I’d take it all back.

I mean the info you provided is nice since we knew MMR matching was applied from level 25 and below, but no one tested the new player experience specifically.

They know about the problems with the matchmaking system since many players gave feedback on it.

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you can skip the new player ranks and go directly to ranked, you will miss out on packs tho

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