New Player Deadlock on Progress

A Friend started new on Hearthstone, so he has not much new cards, so i play regulary with her and try to show here most tricks.

But the ranked for new Players is really frustrating, even on Aprentice she mostly faces Pro Players with meta decks, killing her in turn 5 or 7.
Something seems wrong with the matchmaking or there are mostly smurfs.
Im not a Pro Player only around 7k Battlegrounds mmr, but i can tell a difference between a new Player and a Pro Player.
The Quests also are not possible to complete, not a single Titans drawn after she unlocked like 40 decks by Questing for months. And that quest cant be rerolled.

Can you please think of some Solution, like make it easier to progress for new Players ?

As for the “Play 10 Titans” quest this can be completed using the “borrow a deck” feature as long as you have a deck with a Titan that he can use. My son had the same issue but was able to complete the quest by playing against me and borrowing my Titan deck.
As for the rest you can either spend a ton of money or just keep grinding to improve your collection and skill.

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Oh God, Hearthstone has always been frustrating. To me, the game has always felt somewhat polarized towards certain staple cards or counter cards or counter metas or exploits (for this or that). Heck, even the very Hero Powers are polarized towards different things and not stand alone and/or stabilizing, if you will.

The best thing I can say to enjoy this is to just play for fun. Invest lightly if you need to, but don’t bother with the grind or the competition. Just play the staple cards to feel good and what counters you need and power cards you have, but don’t really take it seriously.

Just play for fun and get some rewards and stuff and have fun opening card packs and getting those few wins every now and then. That’s about it. (I hope this helps.)