Does blizzard even care about new players

what modes should new players play. I’m not sure what mode I’m on but I’m just loosing and quieting games now I’m pretty tilted I read that you have to watch player play this game to get a hold of the meta and how to play it that doesn’t sound fun I don’t want to go watch other people play when I’m here to enjoy myself. Is hearthstone not new player friendly or what if that the case someone plz say so and I promise I won’t ever touch this game again?

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Hearthstone definitely was New Player friendly when I started playing near the beginning. I can’t imagine how it would be if I started playing now, but it is much more friendly now in terms of getting rewards for investing play time than before. It is a little more complicated now than before with new modes like Battlegrounds, Duels and Mercenaries. It also has a lot more cards than before, 8 years ago, but it introduced the Core Set in Standard Multiplayer Mode, which I think is the most popular version of the game that continues on as long as the developers make it which could be as long as this game sees a profit for them.

I’d say overall that Hearthstone is at least somewhat friendly to new players because it has a great tutorial (as far as I know) and the rewards are much easier than before AND you can play a bunch of cards for FREE in Standard with the Core Set. I’d probably say to just to focus on their for a while and get a general round-about of ideas for what you think is good and play that for a while till you get bored and come back to Hearthstone again when you get bored.