New Death Knight heroes

hearthstone have be 5 year old but its time we can make big update to add new Death knight heroes to make people interesting to try new death knight heroes

Death Knight : Death Knight have Powerful Spell to destory enemy minion and take control enemy minion thank to his Defense to survival longer than another classes with Armor Healing Debuff enemy Minion and Board Clear and Powerful Minion Undead with Deathratte with amazing Undead Army

Strengths: Armor, Weapon, Healing, Destroying (big and small) Minion, Board Clear, Debuff Minion, Powerful Spell To Take Control Enemy Minion, Deathrattle, Undead minion have many spell with Deathrattle,

Weaknesses: minion swarms, , Secrets, multi-minion buffs, Mana generation, Murlocs ,

Heroes power cost 2 mana raise dead
Summon a 1/1 ghoul with rush that died at the end of you turn,

Classic Death knight card

Spell Epic mana cost 5 Souls Forgot, Discover a Friendly deathratte minion that died this game and Summon aslo trigger it deathratte

spell Rare cost 2 mana Fallen Champions, choose an enemy minion when it died take control it,

spell rare Blood Coil mana cost 2 restore 5 healing if you take 10 damage an last turn restore healing for 10

spell rare mana cost 4 Soul Toture, Discover a opponent minion that died this game and summon it

Spell Weakness Boil mana cost 1 choose a minion when it dies deal 3 damage to all enemy minion

spell hungry Souls mana cost 1 give a minion +4 attack deal 1 damage to it at the end of every turn

spell rare bone shield mana cost 5 gain 10 armor and draw 1 card costs 1 less for each minion that died this turn

spell rare, death pact destory enemy minion who was damage you last turn

Weapon Epic mana cost 4 Unholy runeblade 3 attack 2 Durability kill enemy minion with deathratte steal it deathratte

the Lich King 10 mana 5 armor destory you hero and become the lich king
charge you heroes power to dominate mana cost 2 gain control random enemy minion until end of you turn
weapon frostmourne

Minion rare mana cost 2 hungry skeleton type Undead attack 2 and health 2
whenever a friendly undead died gain +1/+2

Spell epic Grip of the Dead mana cost 3 take random enemy minion from opponent hand and destory it enemy minion

Spell Epic Soulless mana cost 5, deal 2 damage to a enemy minion if that kill it take control it minion

minion rare mana cost 4 ebon champion 3 attack 3 healh whenever this attack and kills minion gain +2/+2


spell destiny mana cost 10 destory all minion exepct Undead

spell Mind Freeze mana cost 4 choose enemy minion and steal it all buff and give to random frendly minion

Spell Blood shield Mana cost 4 how much damage you take last round get as much armor you take same damage last round

spell Debilitating Infestation mana cost 4 choose enemy minion and it enemy attack random enemy minion in every turn

spell Blood Mirror mana cost 2 discover spell from opponent have cast spell last round and copy it spell

spell mana cost 5 Breath of Sindragosa freeze all enemy minion and every turn enemy minion take 1 damage

weapon Obliterate mana cost 3 /// 1 attack 1 Durability in every turn weapon get 1+ attack / +1 Durability

minion Type Undead Trapped Soul mana cost 4 /// 2 attack and 4 health with taunt when you frendly minion died give it +1 health while it in you hand

minion type undead Skeletal Knight mana cost 2 // attack 2 and health 2 deathratte when it died summon two bone with 1 attack and 1 health

Im big fans with death knight to be add hearthstone
but we people have wait 5 year to see new classes to be add in hearthstone its only begin thank you

anyway why im make feedback or suggestion its formus make no sense it only waster my time and nothing going happen