Naga Priest Problems

I have played a pretty decent spread of decks this expansion, but the one class that i haven’t played is priest. From different sites it seems that naga priest is a really good option for getting wins, having fun, and playing priest. I have given it a go twice now and my results are, terrible.

I feel i am at least a pretty solid player and have a grasp on the current meta. I have achieved legend the last two months and now sit at diamond 5. Safely tucked at diamond 5 i tried the deck again and again i maybe get a win here or there but mostly just lose.

I can’t remember really having any problems playing against naga priest either. It is pretty much make sure there is no board and you win. This is also what others do against me. While playing it i have found that there may be another weakness to it, the hand. Too many times i have all minions and no spells, or all spells and no minions. My wins come off of some left over minion and big turns with the naga that refreshes crystals, but that can’t be counted on regularly.

If anyone has any advice on this deck or can share their experience with it i would appreciate it. I would like to have some priest representation this xpac and do not have the cards for quest. Also i refuse big on principal.

Here’s the list I’ve been using



Class: Priest

Format: Standard

Year of the Hydra

1x (0) Priestess Valishj

2x (1) Serpent Wig

2x (1) Shadow Word: Devour

1x (1) Shard of the Naaru

2x (1) Vicious Slitherspear

2x (2) Amalgam of the Deep

2x (2) Bless

2x (2) Murkwater Scribe

2x (2) Radiant Elemental

2x (2) Thrive in the Shadows

2x (3) Cathedral of Atonement

2x (3) Handmaiden

1x (3) Pelagos

2x (3) Treasure Guard

1x (4) Blademaster Samuro

2x (4) Boon of the Ascended

2x (4) School Teacher


To use this deck, copy it to your clipboard and create a new deck in Hearthstone

I haven’t been playing that much yet but it streaked up Platinum to Diamond 10, 7W-0L today

There was a game where I needed to play Handmaiden for tempo and somehow won that:

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Played the deck more today, lost 4 in a row (highrolls) before starting to win. Am now 22W - 7L with the deck to Diamond 5.

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It’s extremely toxic and draws exceptionally well. I don’t think ive played a Priest who didnt have a 6/6 by turn 2 in a long time.

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Alright Joinus, i gave it another good try and this time i am over .500 with it.

Playing it just a hair slower so that my minions have buffs when they go down and it makes it harder to remove them with damage.

Having a decent time with it. Will check back in at the end of the month. It will probably be the deck i run until reset.

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I managed to find a guide by Kris O Five. I hope it helps.


I’ve noticed top legend players often misplay against Naga/Boon Priest. They’ll have 11 damage in minion trades to knock a 6/12 radiant elemental to 1 health and because they can’t perfectly remove it they let it sit there pristine at full health and then get booned right out of the game the following turn. If you keep priest minions health low there’s only so much reach they can realize with the tools they have. They do have some healing but if they are wasting resources healing the minion they probably aren’t developing or OTKing you.


I do not play top legend, lol, but I notice a similar thing happens in games where you have a low attack high health minion and people don’t realize you’re going to slap a bless on it next turn and totally ruin their day.


I am having great luck with the deck now.
5 in a row since i last posted.

I even had someone punish one of my minions which i already buffed up to a 10/10 down to 1 health. Bit then my buddy mr. Pelagos helped me put him back up to full health and even bigger!