More deck slots would be nice to create Twist decks

Willing to try Twist but a bit dubious. I’m not a new player but I play casually and don’t know all the lingo or spend that much time studying the game or devising decks. However, I like the decks I have and don’t want to delete them in order to create new ones for Twist. I think we need more deck slots again to play around with this new mode? What’s the harm? I can’t be bothered figuring out how to save and rotate them out.

No need to figure anything out. It is really easy to save your decks outside of Hearthstone to bypass the deck limit.

In the deck builder, hover your mouse over the hero portrait, then click Copy. This will put a text similar to this on the clipboard:

Tess Special

Class: Rogue

Format: Wild

2x (0) Shadowstep

2x (1) Deadly Poison

2x (1) Dragon’s Hoard

2x (1) Hallucination

2x (1) Swashburglar

2x (1) Togwaggle’s Scheme

2x (2) Clever Disguise

1x (2) Nitroboost Poison

2x (2) Underbelly Fence

2x (3) Blink Fox

2x (4) Hench-Clan Burglar

1x (4) Spectral Cutlass

2x (4) Vendetta

2x (5) Bazaar Mugger

2x (5) Ethereal Peddler

1x (5) Keywarden Ivory

1x (7) Tess Greymane


To use this deck, copy it to your clipboard and create a new deck in Hearthstone

You can copy this text into any editor and save it. Or if you want to be lean, save only the actual deck string, which is this part:


(I’d recommend adding at least a short name or description along).

If you later want to re-create the deck, copy and paste the entire text, or just the “gibberish” string, on your clipboard. Then go to the collection manager, click “New Deck”, and a popup will ask if you want to create a new deck with the deck in the clipboard. Click yes, and Hearthstone will create the deck for you.

Would more deck slots be nice to have? Yeah, sure. I’ll support that request.
But the steps to save decks outside of Hearthstone are so easy that I’d put it as a pretty low priority request.

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I completely agree with you. There should be at least enough space so that every class can have 1 deck for every format, which would be 40 (or 38, depending on how you look at it)
I don’t understand why they don’t just make you select class when entering a game, and then selecting a deck afterwards, you could easily have 10 slots pr. class then.