Missing returning pack quests

I didn’t log in to Hs for almost a year and after returning to the game I didn’t get any missions that would allow me to get a free deck. I have a long-term account so I am not a novice and I can play in the wild etc. so I do not know what the problem is. 3 days later and still haven’t received any missions on the back deck.

the point is that I don’t play in the EU and my main “account” is in the USA and I didn’t get anything there. Can it be changed somehow? At the EU I played maybe 20 games in total and I didn’t do anything there and I don’t play it.

When I did not play for a long time and came back to the game (in the USA) I got a free deck, now nothing.

I contacted support in my region (Poland) and they nagivated me here

It is an one time action. You cannot return twice.

Is it really only one-time?