Missing legendaries and more

Hello, I recently noticed that many cards from my hearthstone collection are missing from my old decks that I used to build and I know that they were fully completed, and now some of my wild decks (which I used to rank up) are incomplete. I noticed that legends such as Ziliax (5 mana 3/2), Patchwerk (7 mana 4/6), Kiri. Chosen of Elune (3 mana 2/2), Alextrasza the Life-bringer (9 mana 8/8) and many others are missing, I also noticed that not only legendaries were removed but also cards such as Solar Eclipse (a regular 2 mana card from a druid) and Obliterate ( epic 2 mana card from Death Knight) and so on… I haven’t dusted them and it’s probably easy to see in some account data that they were once in my collection, I’m quite an old player and I mostly play in the wild, so I care about the cards I lost. They are crucial (such as Alextraza or Ziliax) in the wild. Is there any way to get all these cards back? I hope that my case will be considered quickly. Sorry if some card names are wrong but i play in Polish, i tried to translate as much I could. Regards, Paweł.

Sorry I won’t explain more, there are already dozens of topics for that


I have the same problem, after the release of the last expansion, many cards disappeared. E.g. Zilliax, Kairn, Kiri, Chosen of Elune, maaaaany cards from Death Knigt. This is some kind of mistake, I have never disenchanted these cards. Blizzard fix this please.

There is nothing to fix.

Those cards were on loan to you, as part of the core set.

But every year the core set changes – some cards are added and others are removed.

The core set rotation happened two weeks ago, and those cards were removed.

So Blizzard took back those loans, and is now loaning you some other new cards.

You never owned those cards. Be glad you were able to use them for a year for free.


Good afternoon!
After the HearthStone update, the cards Doctor Boom, King Krush, the Great Totem Glazor, the picky Breeder, the Guardian Aegwynn, Alexstrasza the Keeper of life got out of the collection. I did not spray these cards and played with them until the update was released. There may be other maps.

not a bug. That’s how it should be. read the news

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Those cards were removed from your collection because they were loaned to you as part of the Core set.

Two weeks ago the Core set was rotated for 2024, and those cards were removed.

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