Minions that have died return to the field

I am currently playing a game of Hearthstone alongside my friends. In two separate and unrelated games, one played by myself and one by my friend, a minion that has died had returned to the field. While it is inactive and is only the minion’s icon, it is a bug that leaves me with a lot of confusion. While I am not sure what evidence to provide for this issue, I wanted to open up this discussion to everyone else if they wish to report on the matter. I hope that it serves the community well.


same problem here, can’t interact with the minion that came back at all

edit: At least you can still play 7 minions

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Same issue. This bug has occurred multiple times in the last three games I played. Additionally, while I cannot interact with these inactive “placeholders” in any way, they do take up board space. For example, I had three dead minion types, three “respawned placeholders”, one alive and active minion on the board, and I played ‘N’Zoth, God of the Deep’. Only two minions spawned to fill the board up to seven minions (including the inactive placeholders), when three should have spawned. The next turn, when my board was still full (again, including these inactive placeholders), I tried to play another minion, which was highlighted green in my hand since I had sufficient mana crystals to play it, but I could not place the minion on the board because it was full, so I effectively was not able to play the minion and had to pass the turn. I hope this helps troubleshoot the issue and would like to hear about anyone else’s experiences.

I was not able to play replacement minions. When my board was full (including the “respawned inactive placeholders”), I was unable to play more minions.

It worked for me, eventho the minion wasn’t glowing like I could play it.

I just had the same issue in my first arena game after downloading the new patch (19.2). I didn’t have a full board when I experienced the bug, but it did appear that the “inactive placeholders” were taking up board space, and I assume they would’ve prevented me from playing 7 minions. Also, I noted that the bug only appeared to happen after one of my corrupted minions died, so maybe it’s linked to that somehow?

Hi there Jimato! I also noticed that it happened on Corrupted or Corruptable minions such as Strongman or Tickatus. I have not experienced it with any other minion. Thank you for making that connection! I hope that the team at Blizzard pays attention to these comments and responds adequately.

Yeah, I experienced the bug with Fleethoof Pearltusk and Darkmoon Dirigible, both of them in their corrupted forms. I played a couple more games to see if I could get it to happen again. Though they died and were removed from the board as normal in the first game, my Fleethoof (in its corrupted form) came back again, as a “placeholder,” in the second game.

Same issue. For me, it became apparent when my opponent’s minions waltzed right past two Taunt minions and attacked my hero. They had previously been killed, but still showed up as present on the board even though they were “ethereal” and not capable of blocking or attacking. Needs to be fixed.

same for me ,cards that are killed come back unusable, it’s happened 4 times too me

I had this one too, after a flamestrike

For me, I’ve had it happen with a Wolfrider and a Lightforged Zealot. The last was really confusing, as I don’t think I HAD one there before (although I was playing a Revolve Shaman, so I dunno what I had at that point). The biggest issue for me is that cards that interact with “neighboring minions” don’t work right. I dropped one to the left of a stale minion, and it interacted with the 2 to the left of it, rather than the one to the left and the one on the other side of the stale minion.

I am facing this issue too, only for Corrupted cards for now. Image is here:

It can be worst. Today i lost one game in arena because a priest stolen my minion and i cant see that minion in his board and he just hit me in face and i lost. Thank you for the free lose lol

Same for me with Fleethoof Pearltusk, so it may well be isolated to corrupted minions like some other posters have mentioned. I will treasure the screenshot with 8 minions on my side of the board! I also had a recurring issue yesterday where minions were not dropping in the positions I was trying to place them. Possibly related to the problem that jwildstr raised with interactions on “neighboring minions”?

Are all those minions corrupted minions? If so, this is an issue which was acknowledged yesterday: