Mercenary question ( 4 enemys )

How come there sometimes are 4 enemys? sometimes in fight number 2 and forward there are suddently 4 enemys. Thats kinda unfair and i sometimes have lost half my team before fight 4. I just consede when it happens its waste of time. Specially if i try level up mercenary where only 3 of my mercs are level 30.

Sometimes i have seen it happens of you not take a specific way to the boss like if i want to skip a boot to fighters the next battle is then again 4 enemys. When you have 3 mercs with around same stats as the enemys wich are 4, the chances are very low to not loosing a merc on these fights. I havent spend money to get mercs, so i have to do with what I have.

I wanna know if there is a way i can avoid run into 4.

Side topic:
I also miss alot quests, because almost every secret i take is just the bomb thing or a teleport. I rarely get a quest. Im farming the level 28 boss on normal.

And one more thing I always run the same boss. Sometimes i can get through without trouble and sometimes its just a pain in the a… from the very start why do the same encounters sometimes increase in difficulty, is should be around the same each time I think.

The only non-boss fights I can think of that has 4 opponents are Elite encounters.

You can tell if an encounter is Elite by the special border.

It isnt its the level 28 boss in felwood on normal, wich sometimes spawns 4 enemys along the board.

Maybe you main party is not upto the challenge. What are you using to beat the boss? I usually play for missions the 1st lvl 30 boss on the Winter side as the boss is the easiest. Usually more than 80% I get MS here; though I try not to farm just to stick to my 4 day missions and do xtras along the way untill I’m finishing all tasks.

Sounds like you’re confusing Heroic diffulty bounties with Elite encounters. You can get Elite encounters while doing Normal difficulty bounties. Elite encounters always have 4 opposing mercenaries.

Look for the different border around the encounter to see which ones are Elite.

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Look at the route to the boss (and/or other goals you may have, like the mystery or certain coins). If you don’t like it, select your party and retire it. Select the encounter and your team again, and you get a new map.

Ty all for the answers was very helpfull I didnt notice the border around the enemys. Its better now when I know. I have beaten the elites sometimes but not always,

Look the Elite encounters which are 4 … Give you more exp in your party and good passive or ability … its good to choose this encounter … but its also what Type encounter is … if its Protector and you have Casters … It give you 2 protectors 1 fighter 1 caster or 3 protectors or 1 random or 4 protector enemies … to win without lose your Mercs you have to Critical hit them

(Blue)Casters Criticals against Protectors
(Green)Fighters Criticals against Casters
(Red)Protectors Criticals against Fighter

And you can lvlup the mercenaries quickly

Water/Blue beats Fire/Red beats Grass/Green beats Water/Blue.

Yes Charmander , bulbasaur , Squirtle

Fire, Grass , Water

Is the same explanation :joy::joy::joy: