Mercenaries renown IS TRASH!

“continue to make excuses, and will do mental gymnastics for the company’s and ym own hyprocrisy.”

would ahve been more honest.

interesting you wanted to weigh in on the issue, and tried putting a positive spin on it (essentially “oh, they already got punished for it”), and of course, the usual deflection.

want to guess what you DO have control over: the companies you support and defend.

Yes, and I explained how. Not sure how you are confused.

literally quoted where you spent a paragraph defending the company.

projection, thy name is posters who act as spokespersons or promoters for the company!

Obviously, considering the pvp aspect is a single mode you just rng spam on ad naseum until you get bored.

That’s a low bar in mercstone, and that’s saying a lot.

Okay, so it is not just me that feels that way.

In another thread it was as though they had not read anything that I had written and were arguing against someone else but using selectively parsed quotes completely without accurate context.

I think my choice to stop engaging with someone who seems to do this to nearly every poster they encounter is the best option.

Literally everything you post is in bad faith. This whole post is eviscerated quotes taken out of context and baseless accusations trying to make me look stupid.

Also done in a tacky, tasteless, unnuanced way. Like a 5 year old. Quote splicing individual little things you want to respond to, rather than taking arguments in the spirit they were intended for “gotchas”.

It’s actually pathetic.

I didn’t defend the company, I’m saying you can play Mercenaries without spending any money. Don’t spend money on Mercenaries when it’s as overpriced as it is. The fact that you’ve construed this as a defense of Blizzard’s monetization practices is actually insane. It is completely illogical.

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“NO U” intensifies. From someone who can’t make an unqualified condemnation of a scummy megacorp with a track record of abusing both its own workers and scamming its customers, your statement means less than nothing.

more ad hominem, since you can’t actually rebut anything. Typcial for the pro company posters…to put it succinctly:

…you just coincidentally shifted blame away from them, while placing it on customers. It’s just happy luck the company got defended in the process.

hey sparky i am not in my own personal bubble , maybe you are i’m an expat meaning a united state citizen working outside the united states. I am just telling you how it is in the real world , not behind a computer. you should go out more and maybe not be behind a computer to try to experience real life. and unfortunately i’ m doing buisness in Mainland China. they have banned facebook twitter and the rest of the free press stuff . but i have travel over 20 countries and enjoy speaking to people and from experience i’ m telling you . and not by reading some one said. only people from united state say im American when you you ask where there from.