Mercenaries difficulty ramps up too fast

So I’ve been playing it for a bit and I like the roguelike dungeon thing.

It’s just way too brutal. I’m not even playing on heroic difficulty (why does that even exist when I read another post where it says the game only has one AI difficulty and there are no bonus rewards?) and I’m getting destroyed too much in the later stage of Winterspring / early Blackrock Mountain. Even if I don’t have every single weapon and ability upgrade I should be fine to consistently farm at this stage and clear Blackrock Mountain so long as my team is fairly balanced and max level.

The combos are just too extreme, losing a minion on a single turn on a non-elite fight without being crit.

Please tune down normal mode and let Heroic be there for testing our limits.


I imagine mercenaries will be tweaked as time goes on because frankly, the Rock Paper Scissors critical mechanic is just awful. Ultimately most of your runs you have to be over leveled and just play to strictly counter enemies. So, most of the content players get from mercenaries is just grinding your levels and farming unit currency. As it stands it’s 90% grind and 10% reward/progression


It’s been a while since my main team hit 30, now it’s just farming out the unlockables like skill levels, weapons, weapon levels etc. But the difficulty has ramped up so fast that I’m just grinding it out in Winterspring, which is still level 30 but not as brutal as Blackrock Mountain. stopped trying to progress after making it to Grimstone with my full party alive and decent powers but still got destroyed so hard it’s not even funny :stuck_out_tongue:

It wasn’t really until him that the enemy abilities got too out of hand, but the AI is just insane and pulls off some crazy stuff, I can go back to recordings and not find any mistakes but I still get roflstomped randomly.

It’s just too extreme for normal. It would make more sense if heroic gave substantially larger rewards but had the rewards to match. Normal mode rewards are a slog, so the difficulty should be in the time investment, not enemies wrecking your sh*t xD

It 100% needs those tweaks you mentioned


not only does it limit what team you can run, say you are running a combo deck all of a sudden you can’t run that combo because running 2 mages becomes a bad matchup… which isn’t the end of the world but…

then it spirals downwards if you lost certain parts of your comp to rng say a fighter, then it matches you against 2 things that need a fighter meaning follow up fights are even weaker.

it needs a better revive mechanic!

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When it comes to the Blackrock Mountain section; the game change from Rock Paper Scissors into Rock Paper Scissors Gruul.

As Gruul can wear a -5 fire dmg trinket to the whole party.
Works against elementals and some dragon + Deals quick and extra damage to dragons, making him very appreciated in the trash battles of BRM (maybe not always as useful for VS merc’s battle and for the bosses)

Now I got lucky to get him, because it would be such a farm in the current state of this game.
Without him I wouldn’t have finished the normal part of the gam 100%.

Heroic is indeed overtuned.

Narrator: Mercenaries would not be tweaked.

Is this mode worth buying into? Should I spend money here?

I would not spend a lot of money if any, part of why new content for the mode dried up was the (realtive) ease of getting every mercenary without spending anything. Every character gives 3 packs in their quest chain (from the last 3 out of 18 quests) and you get a plenty of free mercenaries as well as some packs from story missions. And as far as I know, every Heroic boss can be beaten by a team of the free mercenaries (though some take a bit of luck with treasures).

Spending money is mostly a way to speed up acquisition of new mercenaries, it’s not required at all. And as usual, try it out before dumping any money at all.

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I am def out of mercs, lol

Oh, really? Try Rend Blackhand, for example.

I got bored with mercenaries fairly fast. playing mostly bg’s now


Pfft, sending links to this channel of a rather basic level, albeit an occasionally useful one, to a Mercs afficionado like me (and gotta say, I still discover some new things for myself even after all this time, so I wouldn’t claim to know everything — unlike this guy, who actually knows quite little). :grinning: But that’s not even the point: this is for normal Rend (and one could probably build much better parties with modern mercs), not heroic. Besides, strictly speaking, Tavish isn’t free. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Highlighted by me)

These can handle some even difficult ones, like heroic Snowclaw, nowadays, but not all of them. I don’t even think all heroic bosses are that good or even doable on a budget.


Gotta add: when I say ‘doable’, it means ‘doable more or less consistently’. I haven’t tried everything with modern treasures yet, things like a few Murky masteries could theoretically achieve remarkable feats, so it’s hard to say whether something is absolutely impossible or just very, very unlikely.

:joy: Alright, I actually did Rend (Heroic) with a murloc team (all of them except Mutanus, mostly because of possible treasures) and some good treasures: a few Murky Masteries, but, more importantly, The Fin-Headed League on Finley (it allows for dodging the big damage with a bubble). Murloc Holmes is a legendary merc, but I didn’t really need him this time, so, I suppose, this qualifies as a budget team (for the first time in known and recorded history… since the old ‘cheesy’ treasures have been removed, of course? :rofl:), provided that Murky and Finley have been obtained from reward tracks, and other important mercs are all rare.