[Merc] Voidgill's Excitement of N'Zoth affects Kazakus

The ability of this native opponent is: ‘Deal X damage to a random enemy. A random Murloc acts next.’, where X depends on the difficulty or level, I guess. However, sometimes a player’s Kazakus would act immediately after that. Encountered at least a couple times in zones where those monsters dwell with a Murky-Kazakus-Y’Shaarj ‘farming’ party. Whether it is related to friendly murlocs not acting, I don’t know.

It doesn’t state that a friendly murloc acts next, just a murloc. If the murloc it hits is one of your tokens which as you said aren’t acting, then the effect would be ignored since it didnt have an action to go next with. Similar to how if you were to use Admiral Rogers second ability on a target that isn’t acting, nothing about the order of abilities in that turn would change.

Yes, I know.

In theory, yes. In practice, I had my Kazakus act a few times right after the Voidgill. I mentioned Murky and his summons with no action queued as a possible cause — might have messed up the order like this. For example, Excitement of N’Zoth could probably hit one of my murlocs, then nothing would happen, then Kazakus would summon a golem because he was next in the timeline. This is somewhat contrary to the ability’s description.

That was before the latest big patch, though. Haven’t tested old things yet — apparently, they have broken so much stuff, according to some reports on the forum and elsewhere, that I haven’t been very motivated or played much.

PS They claim to have released a hotfix for some of the new problems, but that’s not all of them: 25.4.1 Patch Notes .

Some are listed there and were reported, but are not in your collection. You’ve listed some others (especially re Mythic), but they haven’t addressed them yet. It’s probably a bit off-topic here, though.