Masters Tour Orgrimmar’s Champion is Crowned!

Masters Tour Orgrimmar’s Champion is Crowned!

The second Masters Tour of 2021 has concluded with an incredible 3-2 finish!

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Now he can put his laundry away.

Do they have unknown hidden decklists pre match, or are the decklists shown prior to match so that each competitor can prepare for those memorized lists by talking with online chat and other streamers and plan for each card and practice vs them?

Hidden decklists are what we used to watch and love because they are surprise.
Shown decklists is watching someone play against what they know and practiced against, with certainty too.

So, giant difference, and hidden decklists are key to getting anyone to care about tournaments. You should not of taken that away and started showing decklists it ruins it.

Also could you get the world champ back to blizzcon in the fall, on top of hiding decklists, so we can know when it is, and watch people play and react on the fly not off practice rounds?

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“Gaby became the youngest Masters Tour champion” but then it’s never said how old he is. What is he 16, 12, 8? Who knows? :laughing:

During the stream they said 15.

Now tell us how many people actually know who won seeing as how most people aren’t even watching the streams lul

Since moving to Youtube, nobody watches these games anymore. How about broadcasting these games on Twitch / Youtube / Facebook at the same time. Hearthstone is a game where all the big streamers play on Twitch, so moving the entire esports commentary to Youtube is not very clever. I have heard that Hearthstone was part of a deal that included Overwatch to be broadcasted only on Youtube and Hearthstone was just part of the package. The consequence of this “move” is that the viewership has fallen into pieces which means less promotion for Hearthstone and the professionals who play Hearthstone who are a lot of times streamers get much less exposure and the price money also seems to be quite low, because sponsors and esports teams are driven away by the low viewer numbers. Five comments on this news post show exactly that. Overall Hearthstone earns Blizzard enough money to have a much more fun esports scene and that includes carefully selecting your broadcast channels and not just sign away for the highest bidder, which short term surely got them some money but long term hurts the game and the scene.

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Tbh, nobody understands the structure of the tournaments. Where are the bracket and visualization so people can know who wins then what’s next?