Mass ressurrection was the worst idea for this game in a long time


That dumb piece of cr@p already promotes no-thought, unninteractive, utterly overpowered and disgraceful decks such as any variant of big priest ever done, but that it actually re-casts itself with Vargoth is DOWNRIGHT OFFENSIVE. What in the actual f*ck? 20+ mana worth of uncounterable value out of doing f.u.cking nothing for the whole game?

I know, apparently Blizzard’s incompetent team won’t touch this particular subject even if someone f.u.cking kidnaps their goddam.n families, since it already has been criticized to death, everywhere, daily, FOR YEARS by now, but look; I’m a long time player who actually cares for the place in which I spent so many hours of my life, and unfortunately, I’m way too stubborn to just act logically and deal with the unsolved cr.ap you guys behind this game don’t give a sh.i.t about instead of stay complaining as YOUR WHOLE GODDAM.N COMMUNITY HAVE BEEN DOING FOR AN ETERNITY BY NOW.


The card is almost irrelevant, and still available, to the Standard format. Nothing will or should happen to it imo.


Mass res is not the issue of big priest in the least. IT comes so late that by than you have had many options to use the many tech cards that put crap into there res pool screwing them rather hard.

Big priests issue is and always has been mana cheating with barns + shadow essance. Allowing them to cheat out 8-10 mana for 4. Than res it for cheap early. Mass res by the time they can use it you have had lots of time for counter play by putting crap into there rez pool. There is even a mutual transformation effect (tinkmaster) that if you kill barns leaving there 1/1 token alive than transform next turn can really mess with there momentum.

If you don’t want to deal with big priest don’t play wild. When you play wild you not only are signing up for broken interactions you are literally asking for them. That was the vary reason the mode was made to keep the broken interactions since people wanted to play with them.

In standered the mass res spell is completely fine as shown by priest win rate. Priest is t2 at best. You keep your board clears for it. Priest is not known for flooding the board outside of that one card.