Marei has taken over the Next Opponent /Choose Screen

Playing the Dalaran Heist, chapter II, on the priest character, when I go to select the boss, they ALL look like the banker, Marei or whatever her name is, even though I’m about to go into the Tavern to talk to the bartender. I played the boss that steals your spells the previous turn, but on the Choose screen, it looked like Marei. Same with the previous boss who was not her, it looked like it would be Marei but was not.

I have since played hunter and shaman, also Chapter II, and it’s still Marei on the Choose screen, even though once selected, it’s some other boss. She’s getting very pushy, making it impossible for me to know what sort of boss I’m about to fight until it’s too late…and if she doesn’t stop, I’m going to sheep her on my mage, shear her on my tailor, and maybe even serve her on my hunter to some of my pets. >.o

This has only started happening after bnet loaded the latest Hearthstone patch yesterday (Monday June 3rd, 2019).

Something like this known issue?