Make Wild more accessable?

Everyone disenchants their old cards to get the new ones. So most people dont even bother playing Wild anymore. However Wild could be so much fun. Just give everyone access to all the wild cards. Dont let the old cards go to wayste.

Honestly, You could also make complely new rotations inside of wild. Ban overpowered cards / limit the selection of what people can choose for their decks. And boom, completly new meta, that is actually fun to play in.

Dont expect to make profit out of wild cards. Noone with a brain would actually buy or craft them nowadays, unless they have every other standard card or the wallet to do so. Also people feel like they waysted all their money into this game if they feel forced to disenchanct those cards and to never see them again.

Overall this game could use some serious reconsiderations to get players back. There is reasons why people left and you need to figure them out for yourself.

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Speak for yourself, not everyone disenchants everything. I havent dusted a card unless I have 2 copies of it for deck building purposes. (obviously only 1 if talking about legendary). Once I get a golden version or a 3rd copy and beyond, then the dusting takes place. But not everyone is a cannibal to their collection.

Edit: And I do buy older packs, as I lack many cards from many sets that came out while I wasnt playing as often. Im still trying to collect the original set.

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thats what most people do. and the game should evolve around the majority.

If you want to play in wild mode then don’t disenchant your wild cards. It is that easy.


This. What Makke said. Dusting your cards beyond the point of keeping enough use for a deck later is for playing standard. If you want Wild to be more accessible for you, follow Makke’s advice. But in your case you might need to put that into practice via timetravel to before you began your habitual dusting.