Make Kael'Thas a unique hero portrait

Kael’Thas should have the niceties afforded to all other unique heroes, (unique tray, entrance and hero power . As is, for as exciting as the skin is, the lack of polish in that he’s a new hero treated as a reskin hero is super disheartening, (and even a bit disingenuous as every other unique aftermarket hero has had these things added to them). As is everything, was debating on buying him, but his current state made me reconsider the purchase.

We in the Netherlands have a saying: Making an elephant out of a mosquito.

Blowing something small out of proportions. It’s great you made a thoughtful decision to do nothing, but try not letting it get to you being as disheartening as you describe it to be. It’s fine to skip shop purchases.

I do have to ask, this being your first post and to start with something like:

You’re sure you’re not one of the forum vandals who made an alt account? There’s been a couple of decent heroes (with exception of Medivh who had some particular laziness tied to it)

Nah, I’m not an alt. I just have the cadence of a geriatric man when typing.

My point was more Blizzard has in the past set the expectation of unique characters having unique kits (Intros, Large Splash art for portrait, Voice-lines, Tray, and Hero Power activation), and not having these things is going against what they’ve done in the past.

Kael has 2 which puts him into the category of not quite alt, and not quite unique, and as a result feels like he’s stuck halfway between two places.

Realistically, probably nothing comes of this, as art assets aren’t exactly cheap, but I figured it was worth the just posting something, if even if my first post reads like a copypasta.

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