Make Classic cards craftable again

Hello dear Blizzard developers,

Could you please make Classic cards craftable again ?
I miss one Molten Giant on this account, I need it for a deck that I have to make for a Galakrond boss, and I never had the luck to get it by opening card packs, so could you please make old heritage Classic cards craftable again ? Thank you a lot for your attention, I hope that my request will be granted because I have almost no hope to get it by opening Classic card packs.

Click on “My Collection”. Click on the set selector button, then click “Classic Cards”. Click the “Crafting” button.

You should be able to craft cards from here. I got offered the option to craft a few classic legendaries that I still miss. (I did not actually click the button to try though).

I did what you said. When I click on “Classic Cards” then on the “Crafting” button, there is only the possibility to disenchant cards and not the possibility to create them. But for Standard and other Wild cards, there is still possibility to craft them. It’s only for Classic cards that I can’t create them, so I ask for the possibility to be able to create them again.

That’s really strange. It works just fine for me. Check the screenshots at showing (1) my collection manager, set to “Classic Cards” and with “missing” as the search filter to quickly find Classic cards I don’t own yet; and (2) the option to craft a card after I right-click one.

Same problem here, I always come back to hearthstone after a pause cause there is something that i always love about the game. But since this new meta, standart / wild i did not like the game that much. So Im back again wanted to play me some Oldschool HS like real boomer and guess what, I can’t craft the freaking molten giant that I’m missing just like my colegue up here, same situation. I guess Blizzard truly hates the community nowdays :slight_smile: dont worry tho. I still remember ''THE BLizzard ent. ‘’ and that will always stay with me for the fun i had as a kid :slight_smile:

Just make them, craftable again and try to solve bigger problems HS development / patch notes team :slight_smile:

Have a great day y’all …

So did you check my response (directly above your post) ?

Are you lacking the amount of dust needed to craft said card? I am looking at my collection, under classic cards, crafting mode enabled, with the search term “missing” to only show me cards I lack. When i go to the Molten Giant it is available to craft as I have the required 400 dust. Do you not have 400 dust? If so it wont show you anything when you are in the crafting mode viewing the missing card. Not even a pricetag to save up for. You have to have enough dust to see the price. I think its that mentality of “if you have to ask the price, you cant afford it” at play there.